From January 28, 2008

Bad timing indeed…

I tend to come in later than most at work because I tend to work later than most. Unfortunately, since my schedule is a little different I am often at odds with that of other people. With regular frequency I would find the kitchen being cleaned when I was in dire need of my first cup of coffee.

Now I’m trying to shift into an earlier schedule. That means the kitchen is still open and available for a jolt of caffeine first thing. Unfortunately, I now find the men’s room is being cleaned when I’m… er… done with my morning beverage.

It seems that this timing thing still needs some work, as I’m stuck with two painful options: waiting for that first cup of coffee or waiting to get rid of it…

Gratitude does not even begin to cover it…

This weekend we had another bout of realization at just how freakin’ lucky we are. A big part of that has to do with, obviously, my game show winnings. We’ve been watching episodes of Millionaire regularly since I was on (largely to see what happened with the only contestant who went after me) and it’s almost making me nervous again. Last week, 2 people didn’t even make it to $1000 (along with another one from a few weeks back) and lots of people dropped down to $1000. In the few dozen episodes since I’ve been on, I don’t remember seeing anyone make it to my level.

I’m not bragging here, because it’s not all about knowledge. There was a lot of luck involved to get me to that level. And now we are truly realizing just how much that money means to us as bills get paid, home improvements are purchased, and interest is earned. This is not a situation I’m used to. But in the first month of this year, we’ve already begun to make dramatic changes to our life that will really help when the biggest dramatic change happens this July.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be talking about what we’ve been doing with the house and what we will be doing with the house. I’ll also be commenting on some of the other changes we’ve been able to afford. The purpose of doing so is to give people ideas who are looking at similar situations – not to brag about the fact that I won a lot of money. And that’s why, before I start blabbering about new stoves and closets, I just want to stress how ridiculously thankful we are right now.

Honestly, I still can’t fathom that it actually happened or that we even deserved it to happen – but I am eternally grateful that it did.