In case anyone hadn’t figured out by now – I LOVE CHICK-FIL-A! They have chicken nuggets there that could rival the greatest chef’s work out of Paris. he is a freak (that was Lisa, and she initially called me a “frek” – I’ll have to research what that might mean). I’m serious, if I could … Continue reading “Chick-fil-A”

That’s a spicy meat… chicken sandwich

What a lovely holiday weekend – filled with beautiful weather, some much needed yard work, and a whole lot of quality time with the wee little one and the rest of my family. But there’s plenty of time to talk about that, instead I need to address a more pressing mattter: Chick-fil-A’s new spicy chicken … Continue reading “That’s a spicy meat… chicken sandwich”

Baconier words have never been spoke

(thanks to Dooce) Bacon makes it on my list of greatest foods on the planet. It’s somewhere between chocolate and Chick-fil-A. I always thought that ideally you could combine at least two of those foods to form some sort of uber-food. That’s why I was shaken to my very core when I walked into Whole … Continue reading “Baconier words have never been spoke”

The tale of the orange water

Back from vacation… getting things done around work… getting finances in order… gee, what could possibly go wrong now? How about some dirty water coming out our faucets? It all started Sunday morning. After spending a lovely afternoon with my Mom and some other family members (including the requisite lunch at Chick-fil-A) the day before, … Continue reading “The tale of the orange water”


Upon receiving an e-mail with the above subject line I was very intrigued. My initial hope was that the first line of the message would include the words “of bacon”. Who wouldn’t be thrilled with winning over 478 tons of bacon? Well, I guess my wife. And there would be the whole logistic problem of … Continue reading “CONGRATULATIONS…………………YOU HAVE WON 956,420 POUNDS!!!”

Baby’s back in business

Oh yeah, I’m sportin’ some fine threads today. After deciding I couldnt’ do crap to help the poor, I figured it was best to finally recruit reinforcements for my rapidly dwindling trouser brigade. Last night, after swinging by Lisa’s school for some prep work, we headed over to Paramus Park for the necessary Chick-fil-A dinner … Continue reading “Baby’s back in business”