Flash well done

Wow, just realized I hadn’t even saved my password to this site on my desktop computer. I’ve actually done all my posting here from other places since the reload. I’m sure that’s only interesting to me 😛 . Anywho, poking around the web looking for some information on a few odd bands I’ve downloaded music from, I stumbled across the site for Scanty Sandwich. It’s a cool house band (really just the one guy) who did this awesome song called “Because of You” featured on a Fatboy Slim mix album. Check them out if you’re into that kind of music, otherwise just go to the site to see what they’ve don with flash. Although some of it is a tad overdone (I hate sites that resize my window) I think they’ve done a pretty cool job of creating a virtual home.

Time for the ol’ vomitorium

I’m finally starting to feel better, but I actually had to take a sick day today. I’ve eaten one small bowl of rice since lunch yesterday, but I might be ready for another. Lisa’s only been by for a little bit because I really don’t want her catching this thing. I don’t mind colds or even flus, but stomach virii are just nasty. The best thing to happen to me was just to lose it all this morning over the toilet. Sure it’s not a pleasant thought, but sometimes your body just needs to get rid of the bad element, no matter how disgusting it is. Anywho, we’ll see if I make a full recovery for work tomorrow, but I certainly needed the rest for today.

It’s finally here

As I already said, WordPress 1.0 is finally here. I got it up and running this morning and everything looks cool, so I’m now looking forward to exploring all of its new little nooks and crannies. Multi-category posts would be my new feature of choice, but I’m also looking forward to the comment moderation (no offense to any of you, but spammers are lurking somewhere out there 😉 ). Of course my first real work will be to redesign the site (almost from the ground up) to get away from this default look.

Back in black

OK, so I’m not really in black (well, my desktop case is), but I am back. I finally re-installed my system and just got the website back up and running. Sticking with the whole Red Hat theme I decided to switch to the Fedora project. With the release of Core 1 the installation was a rather easy transition from Red Hat Linux 9, so I’ve got no real complaints outside of the difficulties I had getting MySQL to work. There’s a definite feel of continuity here and that’s made transfering configs rather easy.

I didn’t really get to try out any new flavors as I planned, but I doubt it would have been much of a contest. SuSE charges money for their distro ISOs, so that was really only an option for work. As much as I wanted to try Gentoo, all of my attempted installations failed. I’d still like to give it another try but I probably won’t be switching thebox again anytime soon. And then there was Debian. No offense (since I know how popular their distro has becaome), but I just couldn’t make it past the setup. It was horrendous to say the least. They are light-years behind in this area, and that simply killed it for me. So it’s Fedora all the way (for now).

Next (tonight or tomorrow morning) I’ll be blissfully upgrading to the long-awaited release of WordPress 1.0. Oh it’s an exciting time for me indeed 🙂 .