A funny thing happened on the way to the blog

I miss blogging… no… wait… I already covered that. Scrolling through the archives of this site it appears a good portion of the (infrequent) posts from the past decade lament my effort in the ever dwindling blogosphere. So let’s not dwell on that.

I started this post a little over a week ago. Felt it was time to kick myself into gear and just write an entry, because if I waited to get this site fully back “up to code” it would never happen. Better to just say hi and get moving. And then a not-so-funny thing happened. I got laid off… Yesterday… Bummer…

Having spent most of my career as an IT guy but just outside of the tech sector, this has been an infrequent occurrence for me – but there’s still posts about my previous experience and the subsequent fallout. Financially we should be OK and I’ll be able to take my time looking for the another position without the pure panic of possibly losing our house. But it still stings and certainly doesn’t make me any less “it was capitalism all along” in attitude. The fact that so many people reached out to offer support and condolences (and networking) is a real blessing and speaks to just how many relationships I built in such a short time. The lost opportunity hurts, but not nearly as much as losing the people.

There’s plenty more to say on this (and other topics), but it’s best to just hit publish to help me move on with my day (and life).