These days you can find me on the fediverse posting at for more personal/political discussions and for the techy/web-focused side of life. Is there a good reason why I’m using 2 different accounts? Not really. I like the idea of keeping 2 different views, but with all of the crossover it’s not nearly as useful as expected. But at the very least it’s giving me an excuse to learn about running my own Mastodon instance.

As for major social networks, I “walked away” from Facebook a few years back and have no presence there. At the same time I deleted my Instagram (same company). While I have since started an account there again, it’s only to follow friends and don’t post – so there’s no purpose in linking to it.

And twitter? Are you serious? OK, I still have 2 accounts… Nevermind, just de-activated 1. So I still have 1 account there. Haven’t posted since you can probably guess when and deleted almost all of my data. It was a terrible account that evolved from goofy annoyance to nigh sh*tposter and, in the end, shouldn’t be associated with my good name!

In other words, this page is really here just to verify my accounts on Mastodon.