What’s going on?

Tap… tap… hey, is this thing on? No, I haven’t become one of the billions to abandon their blogs, but life has a habit of getting in the way of my many adoring fans. So, what has been going on?

Lisa and I are still planning the wedding – as if that would have changed. We’ve moved on to debating types of paper to use for “Save the date” cards and other such pleasantries. But the rest of the “big” things lay somewhere in the future. Still, I’m trying to keep in touch with some real life friends and have gotten together with those from both sides of our fences – even if that meant trekking all the way out to Bumble-you-know-what, Long Island on the hottest day in the history of heat for a BBQ. I much prefer the impromptu gatherings at bars in Hoboken instead.

Work has been hectic, and it seems like good things are on the horizon (more about that tomorrow). Unfortunately, I’m still stuck doing lots of late night work to keep the whole shebang up and running. Something about updating computers while people are running 18 hour long experiments makes my co-workers grumpy. Seriously, I didn’t think it would reboot all on its own! At least I’m making real progress on automating many of my tasks – soon I’ll be able to sleep in my office and ignore the cries for help outside the door knowing full well that some script is taking care of it all… hopefully my boss isn’t reading this.

Oh yeah, I also made it out to the Eagles training camp last Tuesday. As usual, I have well over 200 pictures of the excitement that I will never get around to sorting through and posting… I should at least talk about what an ass T.O. is, right? Eh, that can wait. I want to stay positive looking towards the new season, and not just spew vitriolic drivel towards such an idiotic, spoiled, little brat of an ungrateful… wait, I said I wasn’t going to talk about that, right? Let me recompose…

Coming up on the horizon I have some serious changes for this site. And I’m not just blowing smoke up your collective asses this time. I’ve decided upon a name chage, that reflects the more personal level I’ve wanted for this page. I’ll be working on a redesign as soon as I bring the new domain up live, so once that’s all done I’ll move the blog and announce the new name at the same time (no sneaking a peak). I’m also thinking of launching some other sites for certain interests, but they will all be dealt with in good time.

Tomorrow should be a much better day than this one, afterall, it’s highly unlikely that I could back another car into a gate and puncture a tire again. Sorry, honey. Perhaps I’ll be able to deal with the growing numbers of posts whiling away their time in the drafts section… And perhaps I won’t end those posts with ellipses…

Save CBGBs

For those of you unfamiliar with CBGBs, it is a rock club in New York City. Wait, that does’t quite do it justice. It is the rock club in New York City. Hmm… still not there.

CBGBs is the birthplace of punk. It’s the place that let crazy mofos like the Ramones play 2 minute anthems like there was no tomorrow. It’s the place that has welcomed the genius of Patti Smith for 30 years. It’s the place where bands like Talking Heads, Blondie, Television, and The Damned redefined what music was all about. A place where the likes of Lou Reed, John Cale, and Andy Warhol would hang. CBGBs was the place.

And now they are in trouble. Like so many other fine venues in NYC, they’ve hit hard times and their landlords are trying to screw them. As a result, bands are coming out of the woodwork to SAVE CBGBs. Tonight’s a big benefit show including a lot of my local buddies:

TONIGHT @ CBGB’S…UpstartStudios.com in Association with JerseyBeat.com, BlowupRadio.com, & ArtKore.org Presents — A Benefit Concert To Save CBGB
Doors @ 7pm…$10

7:30-7:50 Ya-Ne-Zniyoo (Acoustic)
8:00-8:20 Kukurudu
8:30-8:50 End Of October
9:00-9:20 Jim Testa of Jersey Beat (Acoustic)
9:30-9:50 Arty Shepherd of Instruction (Acoustic)
10:00-10:20 Pale Horse
10:30-10:50 Heterogene
11:00-11:20 Crewman Number Six
11:30-11:50 High Speed Chase
12:00-12:20 Downshallow
12:30-12:50 Diesel Theory

I plan on being there with Lisa. Anyone who can make it, they could really use the support.

Why put off today what you can put off tomorrow?

I don’t remember when I first clicked on onepotmeal or even where I found the link. I certainly don’t recall how it ended up nestled amongst other links on this site. There seems to be a real question as to what bizarre circumstance led me there, or whether the feed just found its way to me. But when I read a story like After the flood, there’s no doubt why I continue tolerating its presence in my aggregator. Heck, I might even go so far as saying that I enjoy it…

He won the lottery when he was born

No, I didn’t win the lottery. But I did manage to buy two tickets to paradise… wait, no… two tickets to see Pearl Jam. The 5 against 1 crowd is doing a one off show in Philly this October (full scale tour won’t be until next year after their 8th studio album is released) and decided to do a limited pre-sale for fan club members yesterday morning – afternoon for us East Coasters. For the first time ever, I would actually get to use my fan club membership in an attempt to get awesome tickets (I forgot to even try for their shows in Atlantic City this September). Unfortunately, it almost was never to be.

A few minutes before the sale started, I was already struggling with the login system. The website kept disappearing, and it looked like I wouldn’t even get a chance before they sold out. But everybody was having the same problems, and very few were getting through at all. The timeouts were coming fast and furious, so two more windows were popped open for firewall and proxy reconfigurations. Sure, I was at work and this might cause problems for the other users, but that’s why us sys admins are gods! Even still, I screwed up the numbers multiple times and couldn’t find a way around the cache fast enough. Time was ticking off the clock faster than my mind could deal with – I was certain the show would be sold out by quarter after the hour.

But the system just couldn’t handle it. Half an hour into the spectacle I had managed to not only log in, but put a pair of tickets into my cart. Now I was battling the timeouts from the secure server as it continually ignored my shipping address confirmation. I PRESSED THE DAMN BUTTON, SO DO SOMETHING. Alas, I would either get blank stares from some inaccessible error message or a nonstop swirling icon in the upper right teasing me as if something was actually working.

And then there was the occasional back button panic – you mean I have to start all over?!?!

Nevertheless, patience paid off. I stared down at the beast, and the beast blinked. When it asked for my credit card numbers, I gave them willingly. And then I just said, “You do your thing. I’ll be over in this other tab, so you just take your pretty little time processing that order of mine.” And after 40 minutes, the website conceded defeat. There was mild concern as my confirmation e-mail took longer than expected, but the server had already acquiesced – there would be no victory in denying me now.

The whining and gnashing of teeth followed from all corners. Perhaps I would have felt the other fans’ outrage more had I not procured a pair, but that didn’t change the fact of the matter. I could confidentally call anyone complaining a spoiled brat, because I still managed to get mine! Whose fault is it if you didn’t get yours?

Seriously, though, Pearl Jam is the best live show I’ve ever been to. This will be my 8th time seeing them, and definitely not my last. Tickets for the October 3rd show will go on sale at Ticketmaster Saturday, August 6th at 10am EDT. Trust me, they’re worth the hassle.

Number Seven

With little to no fanfare, Star Wars, Episode III – Revenge of the Sith has passed Return of the King as the number 7 grossing film of all time. The $180,209 it made on Sunday was more than enough to push it past the final installment of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Although its current total of $377,080,716 leaves little chance for it to move any higher on the list (#6 is Spider-Man with over $400 million) unless Lucas reconsiders an IMAX release. Nevertheless, that puts 3 Star Wars films in the top 7 with all 6 being found in the top 25 – not too shabby.

Don’t ask me why I’m posting this at 2 am…