On the D.L.

If anybody actually knows what the title is a reference to, just ignore it. Highly inappropriate. But I forgot to mention that I renewed my license yesterday. Not a bad experience at the DMV, but the timing for the picture was horrendous. I was going to go two weekends ago – showered, clean-shaven, wearing a nice shirt (the aforementioned greatest shirt ever) for the inch of collar that appears – but couldn’t figure out what ID I needed since apparantly a current photo driver’s license from New Jersey isn’t worth crap even to them.

So thanks to my schedule it came down to the last day of the month (on which my license expired). And in I trudged – scruffy, hair sticking out, dreary eyes, and some boring shirt. Oh well, I can live with the results for 4 years – it probably matches my everyday look more accurately. Lisa thinks I look cute but she’s… biased. Hey, at least I’m smiling.

It cracks me up, though, that this “new and improved” license now features a blurry, discolored picture of me on a bad day – very secure. I guess it’s still better than that cheap piece of laminated crap that was easier to forge than my high school ID I used to carry around.