That part went smoothly

After hemming and hawing over how to handle the many projects I envision for this humble blog, the time has come for me to start pressing forward. Step one of this journey begins the same way as usual – by installing an unstable beta of WordPress in an attempt to discover if the added functionality is my missing link. My hope to start with the release candidate or at least the second beta or to have the subdomains already set up properly, has left me skipping post after post for the past month and a half. Well that, and the little person that demands so much of my time these days. Oh, and my job. And maybe the guy who came and ripped the bathtub out of our house and left in on the front lawn.

So many offline “projects” to blame, so little time.

To give you a little hint as to what I have in store, Chris Nixon’s reshaping of his web presence is my inspiration. It’s time that my photography and musical musings get some serious real estate along with my usual ranting and blathering – and thus certain subdomains will come into existence shortly. That means this blog will most likely relocate slightly to the left of its current abode.

For now I’ll try to resume regular posting until it all gets worked out. Obviously not tonight as my laptop is about to hibernate…