My baby is cuter than yours

Two posts into the month already and I’m sure you’re all just thinking, “Where the hell are the pictures of that kid?!?!” Lots of photos having actually been, not only taken, but printed and shared with family members. Shocking!!! But true! So yes, I have taken thousands of photos of Kayleigh already. By the time she’s a teenager she’ll probably hate the fact that we have documented proof that she slept with her mouth wide open or her tush up in the air. But that’s my job as her father, to do embarrassing (and threatening) things in front of every boy that so much as glances in her direction.

Anyway, most of what I’ve processed thus far has been family-type photos – not too many that I’m in a rush to post on the web. But we did do this one “photoshoot”. Kind of a complement to the flowery shot I posted on her 1 month birthday – it’s another adorable dress provided by the same co-worker of mine. And to give you an idea of just how cute/adorable/beautiful/amazing my little girl is, here are a select few:

Yeah, she really is this good at posing for pictures

The smile!

Look at the little foot in the background

As you can see, I’ve had more pressing matters than this website. And I know, everybody thinks their little baby is the cutest – but I have photographic evidence to back me up!

The swing of things

Tomorrow our little girl turns 1 month old. Wow. On one hand those days in the hospital feel like forever ago. I’ve been back at work for 3 weeks, so even my time at home feels like a distant memory. And yet, on the other, I can’t believe how fast everything has gone. Seriously, she’s a month old already!

1 month old

And you’re probably asking, where the hell have I been that I can’t even update people with wonderful photos of Kayleigh. Actually, anybody who knows me is probably shocked at the few that I’ve already posted. But at the very least I’m sure people have expected more updates. Well, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?! I’ve got a freakin’ newborn at home. How much time do you think I have to play around on the computer?


Like I’ve said, I’m not here to complain. But when I get home from work in the evening, there’s about 2 hours during which I have to eat dinner, take care of any chores, and give The Woman a break from the little bundle before the night time ritual of trying to sleep in shifts begins. In other words, I’m lucky to have time to take photos let alone post them. And, at least for the first month, if I’m not posting about Kayleigh, I’m not posting. So maybe that’ll change tomorrow…


Of course the main question everybody has is how is the baby? And my answer is, “She’s great! She’s a baby. She doesn’t care if she’s eating and sleeping on our schedule or pooping in her pants. As long as she’s healthy and comfortable, everything is great for her.” And that’s the truth. Everybody says that it’s just gas or reflexes, but I think the look on her face shows that she really is happy with life.

The Woman as The Mommy

And as for us? The funniest thing happened. I don’t really care about anything else that much. I’ve missed parties, concerts, movies, etc. and it doesn’t bother me in the least. All that matters to me is that our precious little girl is happy and healthy and that I get to spend time with her. Whether it’s a calm evening of watching her curled up on her own or an hour of rocking her to sleep at 3 AM – it’s all worth it. I don’t mean to gush, but it really is the most amazing experience and well worth the “minor” trade-offs in lifestyle.

Giving herself bunny ears

I feel like I’m still getting my “writing legs” back. Not that I haven’t neglected this site even longer in the past, but my mind is all over the place these days. Kayleigh makes it difficult to concentrate on anything else. But that’s okay, she wouldn’t have it any other way…

Kayleigh Sarah

From there to here

I have to admit, I’m really going to miss the belly. I know that may seem weird – honestly, I really look forward to being able to hug my wife closely once our baby girl comes along. But it truly is beautiful to see and hold:

39 weeks later...

As I sit here in bed wondering if today is the day I’ll meet my new daughter, I realize that it is time to begin shedding my inhibitions toward posting photos. I have several projects that are in the works, but it’s time that I at least start sharing. So while some more editing is necessary, here is a view of The Woman’s belly from about 4 weeks to 39 weeks. Just click on the right arrow and watch her grow!

Soon I’ll add music and dancing hamsters – you know, to class it up…

Sunday Photo: Moon Over Santa Fe

Welcome to the triumphant return of the Sunday Photo!

Moon Over Santa Fe

This was taken our first morning in Santa Fe. I have to give Lisa inspirational credit, as she pointed out the great photo opportunity with the moon in broad daylight. It took a few shots until I found this framing – I had to squat down in the road to get the moon in the right place. There’s minimal post-processing – just contrast and shadow adjustment. Unfortunately I’m doing this post-processing on my notebook, so the colors might not be quite right.