Corner Gas

You know, keeping up this once-a-day schedule can be a lot harder when you don’t post when you’re inspired. I had something to say earlier, but once again I find my mind pretty blank as the “deadline” approaches. Oh well, in the meantime I’ll leave you with this clip:

Does anybody else out there watch Corner Gas? I just love me some Canadian humor. Heck, even if it wasn’t that funny, it’s worth it just because it stars a guy named Brent Butt. That alone is comedy gold.

It’s hard out here for a… ninja?

What turn of events could lead a couple of world-class assassins to start hitting up gas stations?

With the collapse of the feudal system in Japan only 150 years ago, we can probably expect to see more roaming bands of ninjas committing petty theft and begging for food in exchange for sabotage of parking meters. God help us all when r?nin begin to follow the same path…

I would recommend that the police look for suspects in the nearest anime and comic shops. Oh, wait, the sheriff thinks they are female. Nevermind…

(thanks Buzz)