There may still be hope

Every time I begin to doubt my “predictions” that Herr Bush will not see a second term (and might not even make it to the end of this one), articles pop up hinting that I might just know what I’m talking about. I’ve been known to make some rather astute observations about current political atmospheres, and I dearly hope that my latest foray into this realm also holds water. No, I am certainly no prophet – or even a pundit – but I saw the downfall of King George the First long before most of my friends noted the kinks in his armor. Sure we were in junior high at the time; but dammit, we actually read the paper!
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Let’s not do that again

Don’t try experimenting with logins while in the middle of a post. It’s a good way to lose everything you were typing.

Basically I wanted to mention that I got the RAID 1 array working on my motherboard with a self-compiled driver for the Highpoint controller. It works, but I’ve got about 200 messages in the syslog saying that my real SCSI controller doesn’t like this poseur. I’ll sort that out tonight while I tweak the rest of the box and help Mike get his gallery back up and running. I’m also stuck using ReiserFS for now as the SGI XFS kernel RPMs seemed to break my overall RPM database even though everything else worked smoothly. It’s not really a problem as one way or another Reiser seems faster and more efficient than Ext3. thebox will be running better than ever once I get all these kinks out.

I’m still working on tweaking the site design itself. I’ve added back in the ability to register with the site. The basic idea is that people like Mike and Markus who actually comment on some of my posts can actually login so that comments they author automatically grab their user info when posting. That would be how I lost the original post, however (my stupid fault, not WP’s). The neverhood is also now running on WP 0.72 beta2/RC1 and all seems well.