Bubba Ho-Tep

“And on the seventh day, God came to rest upon the Earth in the form of Bruce Campbell…”

What can I say, I love the king. When the Angelika sent out newsletter saying that Bruce “Don’t call me Ash” Campbell was going to be at showings for his new movie last Saturday, I nearly wet myself. And that’s looked down upon at my company. Needless to say, I got tickets as soon as I could and rubbed it in the faces of those who could not attend. Although I didn’t get to shake his hand (I probably would have passed out from the excitement), Bruce came down to the front of the theater (about 4 feet from my seat!!!) before the movie and conducted a fun Q&A session before it began. It included him making fun of all of his fans, ridiculing his own lack of true success, mocking other actors, hanging up on someone’s cell phone, and getting laughs from everybody. He really is that awesome. And of course I had my trusty camera, so here are some side shots of the Chin and 3 ladies who just wanted to worship the King. Now, on to the movie…
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Maybe I need a PDA afterall

So this morning I says to myself, “Self, you got a trial coming up. It’s about time you asked for a personal day for that.” So I quickly go through my file folders to grab the notification. Hmmm, new court date is 10/2 – isn’t that Thursday? I guess I can at least be thankful that I checked this morning and not at the end of the week. By the by, the court date will be about a week and a half shy of the one year anniversary of the accident. I really love the Hoboken court system.

P.S.(I just realized that this is the 13th day this month I’ve posted – and obviously the last. That makes 4 months in a row.)

I wanna fly like an eagle

Quick, let me hop back on that bandwagon before it leaves town – the Eagles rocked Buffalo yesterday after alienating most of their fans during their first 2 games. No, I’m not hoping right back on the whole support ship, but they’ve gone a long way to show they actually care. They blew it big time during the NFC Championship game last season and this was the first time I’ve truly seen them play passionately since then. I think they took those boos to heart and realized that they do owe their fans some honest effort for this season. I look forward to next week against the ‘Skins. Peter King say you’re crazy if you don’t think the Eagles are playoff bound, and I agree if they continue this style of playing and get back some starters. Meanwhile, Pete Prisco continues his assinine writing with his entire take on the game being that the Bills shouldn’t have gone for the two-point conversion. Yeah, that’s what killed them. Anywho, here are some highlights of the game:
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Fast Food and Klingons

What can I say, sitting around in the Willowbrook Mall eating my crappy lunch and my mind starts to wander. I rarely get around to posting these rather oddball thought processes, but here are the mental notes I’ve made today:

  1. The Eagles are stinkin’ it up big time so far, but then again the whole league looks pretty mundane this year. D-Mac may be in a funk (and I say bench him for at least a week if they lose against the Bills), but I don’t get singing the praises of someone like Bledsoe who is middle of the road for accuracy, throws a lot of interceptions, and has no mobility.
  2. Wendy’s has gone downhill fast. Mickey D’s has way better chicken strips, and don’t even get me started on that awesome Spicy Buffalo Sauce (I could base my entire eating habits around that). On top of that, Wendy’s is a lousy value – stop putting “BIGGIE” on your smallest size of french fries!
  3. I honestly have no idea what to do anymore. I mean, when people go out, what do they do? The concept of socializing barely goes beyond drinking, listening to a band, or watching a movie for me.
  4. I want to get ESPN NFL 2k4 – but that Warren Sapp cover really pisses me off.
  5. Worf was a really great character. Seriously, the guy did a great job at portraying a displaced character who tries to strengthen his ties to his roots but often misses the true meaning of his culture. It’s exemplified by the fact that he almost never laughed – something other Klingons did regularly yet he avoided as he was so serious about his heritage from which he had been detached.
  6. That new special edition of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes looks pretty awesome. Even if I can resist the first two season of Saved by the Bell, this may be too much.

I’m sure that was fascinating for all of you.

No more Guinea Pigs

That’s right, we finally took Teddy and Jessie back to Sebastian last night. I miss them already. But I could also see how much they really love him, so I don’t mind as much. It’s amazing how calm they are in his hands. Now I must debate whether or not to get a couple of my own. I love the idea of raising 2 little babies, but I’m not sure of all the clutter and attention they will end up creating. I really wish I had hardwood floors at this point. There’s also a good possibility that Sebastian will be leaving the country in 8 months, and he’s already told me that I’m first on his list to call for adoption! Well, until I make up my mind there’s still the Guinea Pig gallery (with many more pig-tures to come)!

Now a good word from Philly

With football season under way I’ve been bashing my team on their message boards with a certain irregularity. It’s about time I posted something positive about my favorite city. Back in my college days I had opportunities to sample a wide variety of music thanks to my position on the radio station WCPR. One of the labels to send us new music regularly was Ovum Recordings – an electronic label from Philly co-founded by Josh Wink. Along came an album from fellower co-founder King Britt and his soul-collective known as Sylk 130. When the Funk Hits the Fan was an album that I truly wanted to love. Philly Soul come alive again, it meshed R&B with funk and slide a mellow groove under the whole. But I just couldn’t get into the album, and eventually sold it off like so much other promo throwaways.
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Work, work, and more work

I haven’t had a chance to post about seeing Sandy and Steve’s new house (and Caitlyn) or the Art & Music Fest. This week has been hellish as I tried (and finally succeeded) in establishing a VPN between the two facilities at work. Unfortunately it all went downhill as the one Win2k3 server refused to synchronize with the master, but wouldn’t take control of it’s own domain. In other words, I’ll be reloading it this afternoon :sigh:. In the meantime I have 2 post that have been sitting in draft for about 2 weeks and I should just finish them now.

EFF petition against the RIAA

Let me get the link for the EFF’s petition to “Stop the RIAA” out of the way before my point meanders too much.

In case you don’t know, the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is like the ACLU for the digital world. They fight the cause that “the information wants to be free.” I know that saying can sound a little hackneyed, but it represents the ideals that they represent – namely that the Information Age has caused massive changes to our lifestyles, and businesses, government, and individuals must come to terms without infringing upon our rights. The EFF does not argue that music should be free and therefore fileswapping is ok. Instead they make the point that if millions of Americans can be sued by big businesses for downloading music instead of paying the exorbitant prices for CDs when they only want one song, the system itself does not work. When laws like this make so many people criminals, you must examine the laws, not the people.
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