Computer geek or fraud?

So I’m called up to our production facility yesterday. I don’t even know that I can say much about the specifics because of FDA regulations and all, but I’ll try to tell the story anyway. Basically Paul and Denis were in a bit of a panic because they needed to start some processes by next week and the control system kept rebooting. It turns out that the control box was just a modified PC chasis mounted inside a metal box with just a touch LCD screen exposed – it even ran Windows XP. The whole rebooting issue was actually just that – no crashing, no memory dumps, no kernel panics – the machine just suddenly shutt off and restarted. There was no indication that the software was causing the problems, and it continued to happen even when it was isolated from the rest of the systems. Eventually I concluded that, although the power seemed clean, there must be an issue with the power supply. After replacing it with one from an old system everything ran perfectly and they proceeded to sing my praises.
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California takes a stab at stupidest state

Challenging incumbent stupidest state Florida, California just completed a move that all intelligent people recognize makes no sense. They have removed their own elected Governor Davis in favor of an Austrian body-builder. For some reason, a large number of people from one of our most liberal states has decided that a man with no political abilities whatsoever would make a better Governor than… a porn star? What the hell is wrong with that state? People are so clueless that they fail to realize that this was nothing more than a power move by the Republican Party which is sick of not being able to win elections legitimately. Instead they cry foul about the horrible economic situation to force a recall and then ignore that issue completely because it will, of course, point back to them in the end. Anyone else notice that Bush has helped the entire nation into an economic downfall? And of course the funny thing is that people still don’t get why I think democracy is a lousy form of government.

First slammed, then sickened

I don’t even want to post much about all the crap that’s gone on recently. Mainly it centers around the total BS that is the Hoboken Police Department (I may be sued for having my car totaled by some asshole cop) and moves on to me getting sick the night of Gibby-palooza. At least I got to see my boys pull out a nailbiter at the end while a fever rushed through my body. Lisa and I also went shopping at the Secaucus Outlets on Saturday and spent a lot of money. While Van Heusen was the biggest winner (accounting for more than half of our purchases), the best bargain of the day was an incredible leather jacket at Kenneth Cole that I paid nearly a quarter of the MSRP for – just in time for the cold months ahead.
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