First slammed, then sickened

I don’t even want to post much about all the crap that’s gone on recently. Mainly it centers around the total BS that is the Hoboken Police Department (I may be sued for having my car totaled by some asshole cop) and moves on to me getting sick the night of Gibby-palooza. At least I got to see my boys pull out a nailbiter at the end while a fever rushed through my body. Lisa and I also went shopping at the Secaucus Outlets on Saturday and spent a lot of money. While Van Heusen was the biggest winner (accounting for more than half of our purchases), the best bargain of the day was an incredible leather jacket at Kenneth Cole that I paid nearly a quarter of the MSRP for – just in time for the cold months ahead.

I will eventually get back to Gibby-palooza and post some pics in my gallery. It was an awesome night for the brief hour of so we stuck around. The highlight was seeing how happy Gibby was at finally selling out Maxwell’s. As he put it, “I’ve been waiting 20 years for this.” In the meantime, my latest obsession has been with stats. I want to keep a better eye on my firewall, but first I decided to work with some simpler issues and start looking at who’s actually hitting this site. Thankfully Webalizer is fairly easy to configure and is now keeping track of all of my domains (not that there’s much to keep track of). It’s just exciting for me that random people (not even just friends) are hitting my site and the traffic appears to be growing. And since I haven’t even been updating this month I know that the traffic isn’t all me! For example, I probably account for only 2 hits this entire weekend when there was quite a spike for this site with 115 visits on Saturday and 116 on Sunday. Going back to last month you can see the biggest day for the neverhood was on the 30th, which just happened to coincide with my post regarding Bruce Campbell and a follow-up comment on IMDb including a link back to the photos I took. Not too surprisingly, that gallery is now the #2 most requested page on this site and IMDb holds the top two non-direct request referrals. Now I actually feel like I should be promoting my site to more people I know and others that I meet at shows. Which reminds me, I should reply to my old high school bud Steve who just e-mailed me out-of-the-blue. Stay tuned for pics from the weekend.