The return of indieb0i

Comcast showed up right on time today. The installer was very friendly, and made relatively short work of putting new lines into the bedroom and office after rerunning the main line from the street. Everything looks great. And what can I say, I feel helpless when I’m not online. I mean, how do you check the weather, otherwise? Lisa’s parents dropped by today, which forced us to do a lot more cleaning last night than planned. But that’s a good thing, as it feels more and more like home everyday. And now that I can actually check my mail and update this site from home again, that’s a huge step forward. Anywho, here are some quick thoughts from the last week or so:

  • Moving is hell. The next one will be done by professionals. Or else we’re just throwing everything out and starting anew.
  • The desk can wait a bit, but we need a couch ASAP.
  • Montclair is one of the most beautiful towns I’ve ever been in. Just driving around and looking at some of the old (and new) houses is a pleasure.
  • However, Montclair must also have the biggest spider population. They don’t come into the apartment, but leave something outside for more than an hour and one of them will start building a web on it. And let me tell you, some of these suckers are downright intimidating.
  • Pre-season football is here.
  • I’m totally sold on ESPN NFL 2K5. I loved the last one, but the passing is more difficult in the new iteration. But after 2 games late Friday night and another early Saturday (in which I schooled Steve-O), I’m hitting it in stride.
  • I really need to start throwing out, selling, or donating anything that I don’t want anymore.
  • Whole Foods is a great store. Sure it’s a little pricey, but you get what you pay for. And let me tell you, their olive and artichoke chicken sausage is to die for.
  • I really love it here.

That’s all for now; I’ll be back shortly.

And I’m moving out

At least I think I am – although considering that this is my first day not making a trip to Hoboken it’s almost hard to believe that I now live in a new town. Fortunately Hoboken will always be there… well, maybe not forever, but at least as long as I need it to be. And that will be awhile, because it truly was my second home. I lived in the same house my entire life growing up. When it came time for college, I split my time between PA and Hoboken. And since them, it’s been just ‘Boken. So at the ripe age of 27 (rapidly going on 28, gulp!), I am moving into only my third town. But even more than just being the only other place I’ve ever lived in, the Mile Square City was also the center of my most formative years – my traversal from being a boy to… a man… of sorts.

Beyond the city itseld, however, the truly difficult process has been letting go of my apartment. Only my second residence after college, I never expected to find myself still there 4 years later. The longest running tenent of the complex, I know all of the sordid secrets and all of the ridiculous benefits of our little haven. And now, they are no longer mine. There was a sliver of hope that Brian would take over a new lease and keep it amongst friends. But he’s smarter than that, and is most certainly enjoying the beginning of his brief stay in Bridgewater. Nevertheless, that apartment took me from my early twenties to my late twenties, and had its hands in everything in between. But that’s for another day, let’s talk about the hells of moving instead…
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