Farewell sweet birdie

With a brain that’s turned to mush lately, I started an entire entry only to find myself being way too melancholy. But it’s tough to avoid during a time of loss, especially when you are reminded on a regular basis through the absence of a constant presence. Geez, am I babbling already? Then let me just get straight to the point – after months of battling an undiagnosed condition, our little parakeet passed away on Friday.

Sweet Booboo Birdie

Booboo Birdie (yes, that was his name) was always The Woman’s pet, just as the guinea pigs have always been considered mine. And, to be honest, we had a rough relationship early on. For those of you who don’t know the story, she did, in fact, find him on the streets of Hoboken. I wanted to find the original owners or give him to a good home, but The Woman was smitten quickly and I had no chance. When we moved in together it became difficult as he took to screeching anytime I did… well… anything.

But after a few threats about throwing him out a window or something else equally irrational, he finally learned that just warbling along with the world around him was far more endearing. And he certainly endeared himself to me after that.

Booboo was a sweet bird and, I dare say, one of a kind. You might think that a plain white parakeet with a blue streak on it’s back would be more common – but the more parakeets I saw the more I realized that there weren’t many, if any, like him. And any other parakeet owners would look in amazement as Booboo would allow us to reach in and simply pet his little belly. He developed a wonderful disposition, which made his silent suffering these final weeks so much more difficult.

This has been very difficult for Lisa, as she had little time or energy to take care of him with her new found motherly duties. She had saved him once and to let him go this time was very painful. Thankfully Kayleigh distracts us enough to keep our spirits up, but burying another pet dampened the mood of this holiday weekend.

Goodbye Booboo Birdie

Goodbye Booboo, we’ll miss you.