So I’m watching The Ultimate Trailer Show the other day… or maybe it was Nothing But Trailers… I don’t remember a host, so it was probably Nothing But Trailers… then again, I wasn’t watching it that long… whatever, it’s probably not that relevant. The point is, I was watching a show filled with trailers to remind myself of everything I’m missing out on…

This is going in the wrong direction.

Listen up nerds. I saw this trailer the other day for a new movie called Fanboys. Not just stupid humor, but stupid STAR WARS GEEK humor. So yeah, it’s up my alley and possibly up yours.

Just as I was getting myself excited about the possibility of renting this in 4 or 5 years, my eye caught something at the end. Watch it again, I’ll wait… Did you see it? That’s right, directed by Kyle Newman. KYLE NEWMAN! Can you believe it? What? You don’t care?

Crap. I think I told this out of order. Ignore that first part, we’ll get back to it.

Alright, quick flashback. I used to work at this small company (4.5 employees at it’s max). Two of the other guys went to high school together in the area. Plus, we had a lot of free time. As a result, we often ended up having extended lunches with friends of theirs. One of these guys was an aspiring filmmaker. Now, I’m not saying this was some guy who thought he could make a low budget flick in his backyard. I’m saying this was a guy who studied filmmaking, had made a short film that won something or the other, had an agent, etc. He was for real.

He was also a total Star Wars geek. I remember him going on about all of his collectibles – we even stopped by toy stores for him. I thought it was a little odd, since he didn’t seem like the type, but no biggie. We take all kinds.

A couple years ago I was curious if he ever got a break and checked to see if he was on IMDb (heck, even I have an IMDb page). Sure enough, I found him. At the time he hadn’t really done anything, but then…

(now you can go back and read from the beginning… well, you can skip the first paragraph and then it might make sense).