Enter year… uh… eight?

Amidst all of the baby raising and whatnot of last year I completely missed the 6th “blogiversary”. And since I already broke one annual tradition, might as well say goodbye to another one and mark the occasion on the correct date. Well, the chosen date.

Believe it or not, this site has now been going for 7 years and has over 1000 posts and almost 1900 comments. It has survived the ups and downs of multiple moves (mine and servers), a marriage, and a baby. While I’ve never been as regular as I’d hoped, it’s still done a pretty good job of keeping track of my life and interests over that time. Not bad.

So here’s looking forward to year 8, which is bound to include more missed promises of increased content!

Ohhh, shiny and new

In case you haven’t actually checked out this site outside of Livejournal or a feed reader, I switched out the theme again. As much as I liked Silhouette, it felt a tad too “professional” for me. I needed something with… I don’t know… some curves. And why did I start feeling this way? Because last month, Joen announced the release of version 1 of his Fauna theme.

Look at it! It’s glorious!

Not only is Fauna totally awesome in its sleek blackness (customizable by the way – I liked the dark version) but it immediately fixed a couple issues I never bothered addressing. It actually displays the tags on each post, plus you can navigate via links at the top of each post.

On top of that, I also finally installed Zenphoto – something else that Joen first brought to my attention (albeit about 2 years ago). You can check out the current meager beginnings of my photo gallery in case you haven’t found it yet – I’ll integrate it with my WordPress install soon enough. Populating it with photos of things other than my mug is a higher priority.

Now I’m just starting to play around with plugins, again. The photos in my last entry were added via ZenphotoPress, but I really want something that integrates that with a Lightbox functionality. Who knows, maybe 2008 will mark the year that I actually get this site organized again!