And I thought it was just me

From the mind of Markus:

There are 4 movies on my “to see” list … and 28 days later (NOT a sequel to the Sandra Bullock movie.)

All I can say is thank god somebody else said it, because I kept thinking it was a sequel to her drug rehab flick when I first heard about it. I kept thinking “Why is everybody talking about this movie? I didn’t think the first one was all that big.”


I doubt I spelled that correctly. Actually, I still have my doubts that moccachino is a real word, but then again I apparently drink it. Everyday. There was this time when I wouldn’t go near coffee. I eventually caved during one business trip during which a 5 hour flight delay resulted in me getting about 2.5 hours of sleep before a full day of training. Then I learned the joys of French Vanilla and enough cream and sugar to get rid of the “nasty” part of the coffee taste. I still haven’t adjusted to my work schedule, so I’m kinda dozing off from time to time (which sucks when you’re facing out a door that everybody walks by.

As per usual, I’m like a hundred words into this post and haven’t even come close to a point. The thing is, at work we have a coffee machine that dispenses coffee (duh), decaf, hot chocolate, and moccachino. I put 3 packs of sugar into everything. The packets of sugar, however, are marked “NOT FOR INDIVIDUAL RESALE.” Of course it’s things like this that just boggle my mind. Are you telling me that someone actually tried selling these packets for like a nickel a piece and the great sugar conglomerate had to put a stop to this? I understand marks like that on candy bars that happen to be in the bulk bags, but sugar?!?! Are people really that stupid, or do we just treat them that way? At least the grains aren’t marked…yet.

P.S. (It’s Mochaccino)

Lawn seats?!?!

I’m not even gonna go into what happened tonight. For one thing, it’s embarrassing. For another, just thinking about it long enough to write it all down will really piss me off even more. Needless to say, I screwed myself tonight. Technically, Mike and Lisa were involved in the process also, but I can’t help but feel like it’s primarily my responsibility. I don’t even care about the money, it comes down to the fact that I should have known better. There was absolutely no reason for it to happen, but it did. I’ll get over it easily, but for now I’ve got quite a bitter taste in my mouth. And on top of all of that, I came home to find a bug in my glass of Herradura Tequila. Thhpppttt! 😛

Hardly working…

So Thursday was a surprise bridal party for one of my co-workers. We chipped in a few bucks, and had ourselves a BBQ. Since it was crappy outside, we ate inside. But it marks another milestone in my life – the first time I’ve had a beer at work during office hours. Seriously, Nozer brought some Coors and I popped a top while munching on some dogs. Very cool. Even better yet, there were some leftovers on Friday, so Stan (the maintenance guy) dragged the grill out again and we had ourselves a picnic in the back of the warehouse area. I think I like it here.

On a sillier note, I actually drove up to our production facility to troubleshoot why some computers weren’t working properly after a power failure. The main problem turned out to be that we never actually got to the “after a power failure” stage. When nobody understands what is actually on battery backup, it makes it very difficult to figure out what’s going wrong :).

Are we really individuals?!

I’ve been getting into this intriguing web comic called Buttercup Festival. I was directed to it by a voice from the darkness. Actually it was a complete stranger. But I thought I knew who it was. I started getting IM’s from someone named “seths appeal”. I assumed it was my friend Seth’s new nick. I was wrong. I have no clue who this stranger on the Internet it, but he/she gave me a cool link, so I’ll keep talking 🙂

Anywho, I think one of the older strips has a great commentary on the individuality of man and the monsterous war machine. It’s cute and funny. I’ll be ordering one of the t-shirts based on the strip about his indie band. 🙂

Drop the PS2 controller and come out with your hands up!

So, hopefully I won’t come home today with a warrant out for my arrest. For those of you not in the know, last October I was in a car accident. Most of it took place without any effort from me, the cop did all the work. Yeah, that’s right, a cop. He ran a stop sign without his sirens on and trashed my beautiful Deanna (my black metallic 1996 Geo Prism LSi – God I loved that car). I spun around and threatened to hit him right back before cooler heads prevailed. He went to the hospital and I got to watch another officer kick the remains of my bumper off the back. A few days later I got a ticket in the mail. Ain’t police officers just grand?!?!
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Before I forget anything else, Sandy had her baby! From her hubby Steve’s e-mail:

Announcing the birth of Caitlin Abigail Kosciolek.

Born at: 8:19 AM July 4
Weight: 7 lb 12 oz
Size: 21.5 inches

Mother and baby are both in good health. Pictures to come later.

Pictures are available at Caitlin’s first web page.

Gerry’s in town

So my friend Gerry came into town and a bunch of us got together at one of our usual haunts, Louise and Jerry’s. It was a solid night of drinking, discussing music, mulling over our latest stupidities, and avoiding skanky Jenny. It’s pretty much summed up by this picture that Gil just sent me. And then there’s the 4th of July at Dom’s tonight. Oh yeah, and HSC and Eugene down at JR’s tomorrow night. And let’s not forget Pearl Jam at the Tweeter Center on Sunday. This will be one long weekend.

Ann Coulter and the Right Wingnuts

Great review of the new Ann Coulter book “Treason”. Richard Cohen pretty much covers my thoughts on Ms. Coulter. She’s absolutely hilarious to listen to because she is simply that clueless. When it comes down to it, I can disagree with someone and still have respect for them, but some of these conservatives are just embarassing. Just watch Dennis Miller’s latest rhetoric since he switched sides. He was already getting on my nerves as a left-leaning moderate, now that he’s a full-fledged Bush supporter I can’t stand him on the TV for more than 20 seconds.