I doubt I spelled that correctly. Actually, I still have my doubts that moccachino is a real word, but then again I apparently drink it. Everyday. There was this time when I wouldn’t go near coffee. I eventually caved during one business trip during which a 5 hour flight delay resulted in me getting about 2.5 hours of sleep before a full day of training. Then I learned the joys of French Vanilla and enough cream and sugar to get rid of the “nasty” part of the coffee taste. I still haven’t adjusted to my work schedule, so I’m kinda dozing off from time to time (which sucks when you’re facing out a door that everybody walks by.

As per usual, I’m like a hundred words into this post and haven’t even come close to a point. The thing is, at work we have a coffee machine that dispenses coffee (duh), decaf, hot chocolate, and moccachino. I put 3 packs of sugar into everything. The packets of sugar, however, are marked “NOT FOR INDIVIDUAL RESALE.” Of course it’s things like this that just boggle my mind. Are you telling me that someone actually tried selling these packets for like a nickel a piece and the great sugar conglomerate had to put a stop to this? I understand marks like that on candy bars that happen to be in the bulk bags, but sugar?!?! Are people really that stupid, or do we just treat them that way? At least the grains aren’t marked…yet.

P.S. (It’s Mochaccino)

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  1. I was just searching the web for how you actually make a mochaccino. Thanks cos now i at least know how to spell it!!!

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