Drop the PS2 controller and come out with your hands up!

So, hopefully I won’t come home today with a warrant out for my arrest. For those of you not in the know, last October I was in a car accident. Most of it took place without any effort from me, the cop did all the work. Yeah, that’s right, a cop. He ran a stop sign without his sirens on and trashed my beautiful Deanna (my black metallic 1996 Geo Prism LSi – God I loved that car). I spun around and threatened to hit him right back before cooler heads prevailed. He went to the hospital and I got to watch another officer kick the remains of my bumper off the back. A few days later I got a ticket in the mail. Ain’t police officers just grand?!?!

I’ve been fighting the thing ever since. Correction, I’ve been trying to fight it ever since. The original court date had to be rescheduled because they aparently think that Halloween is a legitimate holiday to be closed. But I then made 4 appearances without anything happening. Ok, stuff happened, but more in the sense that I sat around for an hour or two and then had my case adjourned again. Twice I was offered a plea bargain and told it would go to trial when I told them to shove it (not my exact words). The two subsequent trials involved a no-show by the cop and a show by the wrong cop! (I guess I’m no longer qualified to operate a styrofoam cup as I’ve spilled coffee on myself for the third time while typing this!)

Now it’s time for the 5 court date and the judge promised me that it would be in the evening. 10am does not qualify as evening to me. I called them yesterday and explained that I couldn’t take time off from my new job so soon. They mumbled something like “tough-tittie-toenails”. Basically I ended up faxing them a letter telling them why I could not show and asking them for an adjournment. At this point I might consider the plea bargain as I’m just getting tired. But then again, I now find it fun to irritate cops!

P.S.(This marks my first post from work. Everybody dance!)

One thought on “Drop the PS2 controller and come out with your hands up!”

  1. that fuggn blows… reminds me of when a cop gave me a warning for tapping on his window and letting him know he was illegally parked on the sidewalk i was running on. makes me want to sit in my buddie’s grey crown vic with some sunglasses and a hairdryer and park on a corner… stoopid pigs.

    by the way, my site is being rebuilt right now. old version @ http://t4kefli7e.tripod.com/

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