Signing off…

…for now. Last night was the last night. This is my final day as a tenant in this fine apartment, that has served me well for 4 years and 1 month. It is also my final day as a resident of this fair city of Hoboken. I wish I could have gone out with a bigger bang, rather than a prolonged gasp. Oh well, it’s not like we can actually plan life. I’m typing this in a rush, because we need to move this desk over to a friend’s place (time for a new one). And, due to my horrible planning, I won’t have Internet access until the 8th (I know, it’s ridiculous).

Anywho, all updates will be coming from work for a while. The new apartment is looking great, this one is looking sad. I’ll try to do a bigger post later (maybe I’ll hang out at work after hours). See you on the flip side.

Farewell Tour of Hoboken

It’s now my final week doing any sort of living in Hoboken. And at this point, it’s barely even a week. Lisa and I will most likely not be staying in my current abode past Wednesday (although my hope had been for a deadline of tonight). So now I’m trying to say my temporary goodbyes to people and partake in any fun-filled evenings that I’m afraid I might miss out on in the months to come.

Last Monday night was a sort of “Last Call” for me at the Nag’s. Heather has worked Mondays for such a long time, and that was indeed the night that we had formed our friendship. Our relationship is a weird one, and I doubt I could even begin to explain it here (seeing as I myself don’t even understand it). But there was a time when she would call me Tuesday afternoon if I had failed to show up one Monday night without warning. So I dropped by to bid her adieu, although I hoped to make another appearance soon enough. The evening was a little odd, and eventually too many people piled in to make it a proper goodbye. At least we got to talk a bit, and hopefully Lisa and I and will have her and Joe out to our place for dinner sometime.

Tuesday turned out to be much better, as Dan had an extra ticket to see The Psychedelic Furs at Maxwell’s. Unforunately Joseph was missing from the group, otherwise it was an excellent coterie comprised of Dan, Vinnie, Andres, Dawn, and myself. The show was incredible – far better than I can describe for now – and included a performance of “Pretty in Pink” that forced me to call up Lisa so she could hear it. Once I sort thru the pics and find a setlist I plan on writing more. Along with the wonderful company I came with, I also ran into Amy and Mark (from the Nag’s), and Allen Teper (of My Pocket Zoo fame) who let me know that those ukulele boys were about to drop a new EP that I now must pick up. The evening ended with Vinnie and I talking way too indepth about music over a few pints. He’s a guy whose opinions I can truly appreciate because they mirror a number of my own whacked out ideas. We could have talked well into the morning light, but eventually I had to call it quits on account of being a working stiff. Oh well, it just leaves more for us to discuss next time.

The rest of my week was rather hectic, and filled with preparations for the move. The torrential downpour of Friday night meant that I had to skip out on a potential party (sorry Malina). Saturday Lisa and I headed down to my sister Christine’s (after dropping off boxes at the new place) to visit my 2 day old niece. Words fail to describe how absolutely beautiful and cute she is (and tiny!). Trust me, photos will follow soon enough. Although we swung by our friend Troy’s party for a brief appearance, there’s was no way we could make it to The Shannon for Matttt’s shindig. Fortunately his real b’day is today (I think) and CN6 will be featured at the Ristra. So anybody interested (I know it’s short notice) can catch me there tonight. Uhhh… more to follow, I gotta get out of here.

Alive and well

I have so much to say, as so much has happened over the past week. My main reason for keeping quiet (along with the usual “I’m too busy” excuse) is that I moved all of my domains off of thebox and onto a HostDime reseller account. Basically I didn’t want to deal with losing any posts or comments during the transition. I’m also very torn on the setup. HostDime is a good value and seems to be running well, but I really like the idea of having shell access, and I miss that – for now. There’s also the fact that I moved my install of WordPress into the blog subdirectory to clean up my main directory. But I’m still not sure if I want to completely redirect to in anticipation of someday adding different content to the main page. *sigh* It always seems to be the little things that make me debate so much.

On a more personal note, most of our possessions are now in Montclair, but we’re still in Hoboken. The rest of this week will be a slow transition to get the rest of our crap over there (I need to pick an ISP before I can move my computers). While yesterday was a tad stressful (especially for Lisa) it went rather smoothly, and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Brian and Sean. Thanks again, and when I have more time I’ll tell you all about how things went down.

Six pounds and one ounce

At least that’s what I think my sister said. That would be the weight of Paige – my new neice. My sister Christine went into labor early this morning, and out pops a little girl only a few hours later. Quite a miracle, isn’t it? She’s my second neice – I also have 4 nephews. I guess it’s time for the girls to start making a comeback since this generation was hinting at male domination. We’ll see where it goes from here.

I will hopefully swing by and visit the new bundle of joy sometime this weekend. Unfortunately it’s right in the middle of our attempted evacuation of Hoboken. However, I have made it a habit to see the firstborns early on (although it took me something like a month before I got to meet Lucas). I’ll have to do some more paking tonight and try to get things ready for Sunday early. Which reminds me, if any of you are free on Sunday, there are rumors of a U-Haul truck showing up at my apartment and trying to load itself up with mine and Lisa’s possessions. If you are so inclined, we could certainly use some help in this endeavor. I’m more than willing to provide all participants with beer, and for those who don’t drink I’ll pour one out in your honor.

Solicitors – how do you spell that?

I get a lot of calls at my job. When you do tech support, you expect that. Only, tech support is just a small part of my job, and more than half of my calls are not even from inside the company. I spend so much time dealing with companies that want to sell me cheap toner, user training, copiers, phone systems, etc. It’s amazing that I get any work done at all. And the worst part about it – I can’t lie!

I know what you’re thinking – the same thing I scream at the TV everytime the computer scores against me. But I’m serious. I can bend the truth a little bit. I can talk circles around a question. I can do all sorts of potentially illegal activities. But ask me a direct question, and I’ll end up having to answer it if I can’t distract you. I realize that this confession is much like Superman admitting “Man does that kryptonite give me the heebee-jeebees.” But it’s not like I’ve got a whole bunch of evil archenemies out there looking for that weakness to defeat me. And if I do, you guys really suck if you haven’t gotten me yet. It’s not like you guys have much of a foe to combat. What’s my super power anyway? The ability to pretend that I’ve heard of any random band you mention? My lightspeed Guinness-drinking? Maybe it’s my irritating obsessive nature… anywho, where was I?
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All caught up… for now

Since I’ve started working more heavily on writing for my own site (as well as the installation of SharpReader) I have started following more and more blogs. For the first time, both my friends and other personal blogs categories are completely read. It’s a somewhat rewarding feeling, because now I can try to stay on top of other people’s writing. It also means that I can start sorting through all of the news and geek feeds I have and see which ones are worth keeping.

As a side note, although I like SharpReader there are a few quirks that bug me, and Luke hasn’t done an update in a while. Does anyone have any suggestions for a different RSS reader to try? Note, I really don’t feel like paying for one unless it’s really good.

Where to begin

I can’t believe I’ve gone without an update for this long. Funny how a blog starts out with a couple posts a month and then suddenly you find yourself trying to dress up your life to make it more appeasing for the web. Obviously I’ve been pretty busy with the move these days. Thursday I was supposed to pick up the keys, but forgot my checkbook at home, so we rescheduled for Friday. When I called during work, Amber (half of our new landlords, Nigel being the other) said she would be home at 5. That sounded good to me, as I could race down to Montclair, exchange checks for keys, and come back up to finish things at work. But of course there had to be a hiccup somewhere in that plan.
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Moving time

No, not for me yet (we get the keys on Thursday). Not really even for the website (although that will happen soon). I’ll be moving the blog soon. I don’t want it to sit in the main directory of my website anymore. We’ll see how it finally comes out, but I’m setting up the latest nightly for WP in a blog subdirectory. From there I’ll figure out how I want it to look. I’ll also work on permanent redirects for anyone who has linked to articles thus far – not that there are many of you. Let’s hope that I don’t screw everything up – although I’ve noticed that it’s actually hard not to get it done right with WordPress.