All caught up… for now

Since I’ve started working more heavily on writing for my own site (as well as the installation of SharpReader) I have started following more and more blogs. For the first time, both my friends and other personal blogs categories are completely read. It’s a somewhat rewarding feeling, because now I can try to stay on top of other people’s writing. It also means that I can start sorting through all of the news and geek feeds I have and see which ones are worth keeping.

As a side note, although I like SharpReader there are a few quirks that bug me, and Luke hasn’t done an update in a while. Does anyone have any suggestions for a different RSS reader to try? Note, I really don’t feel like paying for one unless it’s really good.

2 thoughts on “All caught up… for now”

  1. Ouch, bitchslapped on my own blog! 😛

    I’ll rush right over for that download (with my tail between my legs, of course) to check out the updates.

    As a side note (I’ve been using that expression too much these days), those quirks are more my problem as I should ask you about them directly (same thing goes for my issues with Winamp – but I’m just soooo lazy).

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