Farewell Tour of Hoboken

It’s now my final week doing any sort of living in Hoboken. And at this point, it’s barely even a week. Lisa and I will most likely not be staying in my current abode past Wednesday (although my hope had been for a deadline of tonight). So now I’m trying to say my temporary goodbyes to people and partake in any fun-filled evenings that I’m afraid I might miss out on in the months to come.

Last Monday night was a sort of “Last Call” for me at the Nag’s. Heather has worked Mondays for such a long time, and that was indeed the night that we had formed our friendship. Our relationship is a weird one, and I doubt I could even begin to explain it here (seeing as I myself don’t even understand it). But there was a time when she would call me Tuesday afternoon if I had failed to show up one Monday night without warning. So I dropped by to bid her adieu, although I hoped to make another appearance soon enough. The evening was a little odd, and eventually too many people piled in to make it a proper goodbye. At least we got to talk a bit, and hopefully Lisa and I and will have her and Joe out to our place for dinner sometime.

Tuesday turned out to be much better, as Dan had an extra ticket to see The Psychedelic Furs at Maxwell’s. Unforunately Joseph was missing from the group, otherwise it was an excellent coterie comprised of Dan, Vinnie, Andres, Dawn, and myself. The show was incredible – far better than I can describe for now – and included a performance of “Pretty in Pink” that forced me to call up Lisa so she could hear it. Once I sort thru the pics and find a setlist I plan on writing more. Along with the wonderful company I came with, I also ran into Amy and Mark (from the Nag’s), and Allen Teper (of My Pocket Zoo fame) who let me know that those ukulele boys were about to drop a new EP that I now must pick up. The evening ended with Vinnie and I talking way too indepth about music over a few pints. He’s a guy whose opinions I can truly appreciate because they mirror a number of my own whacked out ideas. We could have talked well into the morning light, but eventually I had to call it quits on account of being a working stiff. Oh well, it just leaves more for us to discuss next time.

The rest of my week was rather hectic, and filled with preparations for the move. The torrential downpour of Friday night meant that I had to skip out on a potential party (sorry Malina). Saturday Lisa and I headed down to my sister Christine’s (after dropping off boxes at the new place) to visit my 2 day old niece. Words fail to describe how absolutely beautiful and cute she is (and tiny!). Trust me, photos will follow soon enough. Although we swung by our friend Troy’s party for a brief appearance, there’s was no way we could make it to The Shannon for Matttt’s shindig. Fortunately his real b’day is today (I think) and CN6 will be featured at the Ristra. So anybody interested (I know it’s short notice) can catch me there tonight. Uhhh… more to follow, I gotta get out of here.