Thinking, so you don’t have to

Going along with the previously mentioned state of nostalgia, zefrank has been running a replay of “the show” along with written commentary now that we’ve reached the 5 year anniversary. You should definitely check it out whether or not you followed along before. In fact, way back when it first ran I remember say that you should… Yup, right over… here.

I don’t remember when I first became aware of “the show with zefrank” and I’m actually a little surprised that I had started watching only a few months into it’s original run. Still, it reminds me of a time when just about every little website people stumbled on was doing something interesting. Unfortunately that was also a time when keeping up with almost daily posts was nearly impossible and I missed plenty of episodes and never even created a power move. Very different from these days when… oh crap, I’m still on episodes from April. Nevermind.

Zefrank managed to walk a thin line between between astute observer and immature joker with a good dash of Internet absurdity sprinkled on… wait, what analogy was I going for?

Anyway, if you never got a chance to watch it back in the day, fire up the first episode. It’s rather fascinating to watch the development process of creative endeavors after the fact.

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass

Those wacky guys on treadmills are at it again. This time… well… just watch:

Beyond the great videos, I played their last CD constantly. They make fun and catchy power pop. The kind of music that knocks the hipster hat clean off your head. Should have picked up the new album the other day – won’t pass it up again.

Well excuse me sexless man/woman

Another day, another forum post reminds me of a classic MST3K episode. Someone requested guidance now that his son was gearing up to learn an instrument. Aside from my limited experiences with the saxophone, the best I had to offer was to go straight to the source – Mr. B Natural:

Although a long sought after clip (especially in college when Internet video was not exactly as free-flowing as today) it’s not my favorite. That title belongs to the horribly dated “Are You Ready For Marriage?”:

Hopefully those 2 clips have given you a smile (along with a few guffaws) and taken you 30 minutes closer to the commute home.