Thinking, so you don’t have to

Going along with the previously mentioned state of nostalgia, zefrank has been running a replay of “the show” along with written commentary now that we’ve reached the 5 year anniversary. You should definitely check it out whether or not you followed along before. In fact, way back when it first ran I remember say that you should… Yup, right over… here.

I don’t remember when I first became aware of “the show with zefrank” and I’m actually a little surprised that I had started watching only a few months into it’s original run. Still, it reminds me of a time when just about every little website people stumbled on was doing something interesting. Unfortunately that was also a time when keeping up with almost daily posts was nearly impossible and I missed plenty of episodes and never even created a power move. Very different from these days when… oh crap, I’m still on episodes from April. Nevermind.

Zefrank managed to walk a thin line between between astute observer and immature joker with a good dash of Internet absurdity sprinkled on… wait, what analogy was I going for?

Anyway, if you never got a chance to watch it back in the day, fire up the first episode. It’s rather fascinating to watch the development process of creative endeavors after the fact.