Top who of the what now?!?!

My brain wants to squeeze out my ears, drive to VH1 headquarters, and kill the list makers. They’ve supposedly come up with the Top 100 Greatest Songs of the Last 25 Years. The problems only begin by the fact that Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was named number one. Let’s move down to 4 and notice Eminem. Hmm, ok, he sucks but is popular so he should have a song on there, but 4?!?! And why does he have another song at 85?!?! I think I need to make up some lists of what’s wrong with this list.
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All Hail The Gord!

And the winner of the tournament won the controllers that were opened for the tournament (worth $80), and $20 in cash. Second place was a can of coke and an autographed picture of The Gord. Third place was $20.

The Gord likes to remind people that second place is just the first loser.

Sometimes I wish I was in a position to truly frustrate morons. Thank you for the laughter Gord. And congratulations, Acts of Gord has become the first link in my new Humor section!

Here it ’tis!

Ok, I combined the 2 layouts I was working on and came up with this new design. I was thinking of holding a contest and people could vote on it, but then I remembered that I’m pretty much the only person who reads this (besides my roommate) – so that would have made for some really lame results. Instead I could just knock on his door. But I think he’s asleep, so now I’m stuck with this. Oh the horror. If only I could change it if I decided it was crap… I hope you all enjoy my new “Diner” scheme.


I have been forced to resign my current position at Unemployed Slackers, Inc. That’s right, I’ll actually have a real job again whenever we decide upon a start date. The company is called Unigene, and I’ll be their new IS Administrator. It should be interesting considering they didn’t have an old IS Administrator. This job comes thanks to my good friend Sandy who thankfully convinced them that the lack of any IS or IT personnel really hampered anything IS or IT related. Hopefully I won’t be doing any hampering.

You know, I just realized that Department of Labor is abbreviated DOL. Is that why the brits call it being on the dole? Aparently not, as I realize that they spell it with an ‘e’, meaning:

1. Charitable dispensation of goods, especially money, food, or clothing.
2. A share of money, food, or clothing that has been charitably given.
3. Chiefly British The distribution by the government of relief payments to the unemployed; welfare.

Interestingly enough, dol means “a unit of pain intensity.” What poor sap got the job of figuring out that measurement at the lab.

I think I may be an idiot…

More re-design than you can shake a stick at

ARGH! Just when I think I’m about to finish my new site, I catch a glimsp of someone who has a true eye for how to work around a given look. photo matt’s design is brilliant in how he cleaned up the default WordPress template and made it his own. The color scheme is more or less the reverse of what was out of the box, and the font selection is more appropriate for him. I want it!!

Now I’m going to start working on a second look to compete with what I currently have. Damnit!

Bad food, good times

Mmmm… Johnny Rockets. Maybe I should say, ugh… Johnny Rockets. Sometimes I question my own intelligence. Why did I think the first thing to hit my stomach today should be a Smoke House Burger. Just because it has bacon, doesn’t mean it’s breakfast food. I used to hate Johnny Rockets because their food was way too greasy – I’d rather have Mickey D’s burger than “The Original.” Then I started getting into their overpriced Grilled Cheese and the Chicken Fingers, and eventually I found my burger with the Smoke House. For some reason it’s ok to have too much grease when you’ve got ingredients you expect it from (bacon, cheddar cheese, onion rings). But I’m still almost surprised when 10 minutes later my stomach says, “You @$$hole!” I mean, aside from my stomach’s offensive vocabulary, this shouldn’t be a surprise. At least I talked myself out of the Chocolate Toffee Shake… for now!

Re-design in a nutshell

I’m actually learning CSS! It’s very exciting for me that my webpage will soon look like MY webpage, and not the default out-of-the-box designs I’ve been using. True, I’m getting a lot of ideas from different sites (BlueRobot’s Layout Reservoir and Mike Little’s Journalized have been big helps/inspirations), but in the end it will largely be my code built to fill my wants/needs. If you want to check out where it currently stands, meander on over here. It’s fully functional, but I’m still tweaking things (haven’t picked out the color for link text, etc.) If you have any suggestions, feel free to drop me a note.