I have been forced to resign my current position at Unemployed Slackers, Inc. That’s right, I’ll actually have a real job again whenever we decide upon a start date. The company is called Unigene, and I’ll be their new IS Administrator. It should be interesting considering they didn’t have an old IS Administrator. This job comes thanks to my good friend Sandy who thankfully convinced them that the lack of any IS or IT personnel really hampered anything IS or IT related. Hopefully I won’t be doing any hampering.

You know, I just realized that Department of Labor is abbreviated DOL. Is that why the brits call it being on the dole? Aparently not, as I realize that they spell it with an ‘e’, meaning:

1. Charitable dispensation of goods, especially money, food, or clothing.
2. A share of money, food, or clothing that has been charitably given.
3. Chiefly British The distribution by the government of relief payments to the unemployed; welfare.

Interestingly enough, dol means “a unit of pain intensity.” What poor sap got the job of figuring out that measurement at the lab.

I think I may be an idiot…