Bad food, good times

Mmmm… Johnny Rockets. Maybe I should say, ugh… Johnny Rockets. Sometimes I question my own intelligence. Why did I think the first thing to hit my stomach today should be a Smoke House Burger. Just because it has bacon, doesn’t mean it’s breakfast food. I used to hate Johnny Rockets because their food was way too greasy – I’d rather have Mickey D’s burger than “The Original.” Then I started getting into their overpriced Grilled Cheese and the Chicken Fingers, and eventually I found my burger with the Smoke House. For some reason it’s ok to have too much grease when you’ve got ingredients you expect it from (bacon, cheddar cheese, onion rings). But I’m still almost surprised when 10 minutes later my stomach says, “You @$$hole!” I mean, aside from my stomach’s offensive vocabulary, this shouldn’t be a surprise. At least I talked myself out of the Chocolate Toffee Shake… for now!