Maybe I need a PDA afterall

So this morning I says to myself, “Self, you got a trial coming up. It’s about time you asked for a personal day for that.” So I quickly go through my file folders to grab the notification. Hmmm, new court date is 10/2 – isn’t that Thursday? I guess I can at least be thankful that I checked this morning and not at the end of the week. By the by, the court date will be about a week and a half shy of the one year anniversary of the accident. I really love the Hoboken court system.

P.S.(I just realized that this is the 13th day this month I’ve posted – and obviously the last. That makes 4 months in a row.)

One thought on “Maybe I need a PDA afterall”

  1. That reminds me, I have to call in to complain about the jackass cop that ran a stop sign right in front of me. Not that they’d do anything about it, but at least I’d be trying.

    Hope the trial goes well; i.e. they don’t screw you with some kind of legal technicality BS.

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