Internet Archive Wayback Machine

I’ve already seen the whole Internet Archive thing, but now that I actually have been working on my site it’s very cool to go back and look at how it’s changed. Although I’ve only had real content for about a year now, I can still see the pointless holder pages I created to proclaim my lameness. Unfortunately they never grabbed an incarnation of my good “About Me” page, but the idea of using it as a not-so-reliable backup is very intriguing.

I wish it went back even further so I could see how awful my alma mater’s homepage used to be. At least I can still see some of the progression, even though they don’t have the graphics for all iterations.

We hear the playback and it seems so long ago

Yay, Brian sent me a link to an Eighties lyric quiz. That’s really helped me accomplish anything here at work. Anywho, Brian beat me out by half a point on my original score (82 to 81.5). However, I went back and corrected 2 I got wrong because I accidentally pluralized words and now I’m up to an 84. Now I’m going back to correct those that I did a total brain fart on just to see what I could have gotten. But I consider the 84 my true score, which makes me a:

Crass and tasteless does not mean illegal

So with the world in the mess that it is these days, obviously the biggest story in the news should be that we all got to see Janet Jackson’s right boob on Sunday night. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you must be living in a hole. It’s a shame that after one of the most exciting Super Bowls (well, once we got close to the end of the first half) all we can talk about is a really stupid publicity stunt almost as lame as the moron who thought doing a naked jig in the middle of the field was even remotely clever. At least we’re getting such classic headlines as “Jackson Breast Under Fed Probe”.

The Drudge Report has additional info (and a graphic close-up) quoting a source who stated that CBS and MTV knew about it. Fortunately the NFL is cleared as simply being too stupid to realize hiring MTV was asking for trouble. Personally I find the most diturbing revelation during all of this can be found on the second picture on Drudge – namely that was no pasty, but the most frikkin’ ridiculous nipple piercing I’ve ever seen.
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Not fooling anyone

Just in case you were wondering, it’s taken me far less time to get back into the Eagles this year. I’ve already read about a dozen articles and countless postings on what the offseason should bring. I won’t make any real commentary now (other than they obviously need an overhaul of the WR corp), but the footballs in my head are already spiralling. I just can’t seem to get away from it, no matter how much they piss me off.

Maybe they’re on to something

Music sales are down, so we should legislate to force people to buy an overpriced product. That has been the general consensus among record labels (spearheaded by the nefarious RIAA). Until now, that is. Last September Universal announced that they would cut their CD prices drastically. While I haven’t heard from many other labels specifically, I have noticed an increase in the number of CDs that are priced at only $9.99. Generally that’s the sale price, but it still means that the regular price is only about 12 or 13 dollars. It seems that these guys are finally willing to test the theory that people are more willing to spend money when something is cheaper.
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Weekend posting

I always have the hankering to post about various events over the weekend, but usually never get around to it and usually forget about them by the time another post arises. So I figure I’ll do a quick run down of some of the various recent events.

Since Lisa has been having trouble sleeping due to her imminent resignation (she should have handed in the letter by this time) Saturday turned out to be the perfect time for her to pass out. Meanwhile Mike and I took a “quick” trip to Washington St. for some much needed shopping. By “much needed” I mean I picked up a new PS2 with the network combo pack from Sam Goody (hey, I gotta give them the business for my Replay rewards). My system has been acting up lately and it was well on it’s way to ruining another game. Now everything is running much more smoothly and I even picked up the new Maximo game to give me hours of fun running around in armor boxers and slashing at metal skeletons. I also finally got to try out some online stuff and had fun schooling some guys in SSX3 – warning, don’t knock me down or I will cheese the hell out of you 😉 .
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Stupid farging worm

I have not seen hide nor hair of that blasted Novarg worm in my personal e-mail. At work, however, is another story. For the time being, we are stuck using EarthLink for our e-mail and website provider. That will be changing sometime soon. On top of all of their usual outages and slow server response times they force you to have a “default” e-mail account. Basically this means that every possible e-mail account name that doesn’t exist winds up in the admin account. I won’t even go into everything that this breaks and how it seems to encourage misspellings, I’ll simply point out that I had over 450 e-mails this morning in that account – and none of them were actually to the admin. Gee, I wonder why they’re having so many problems with their servers these days.

In the meantime, I’ve really got to get some filtering on my Postfix setup. I’m really getting sick of all the pr0n e-mails these days, not to mention all of the “legitimate looking” spams. Maybe I’ll actually get to read about SpamAssassin some time today.