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I always have the hankering to post about various events over the weekend, but usually never get around to it and usually forget about them by the time another post arises. So I figure I’ll do a quick run down of some of the various recent events.

Since Lisa has been having trouble sleeping due to her imminent resignation (she should have handed in the letter by this time) Saturday turned out to be the perfect time for her to pass out. Meanwhile Mike and I took a “quick” trip to Washington St. for some much needed shopping. By “much needed” I mean I picked up a new PS2 with the network combo pack from Sam Goody (hey, I gotta give them the business for my Replay rewards). My system has been acting up lately and it was well on it’s way to ruining another game. Now everything is running much more smoothly and I even picked up the new Maximo game to give me hours of fun running around in armor boxers and slashing at metal skeletons. I also finally got to try out some online stuff and had fun schooling some guys in SSX3 – warning, don’t knock me down or I will cheese the hell out of you 😉 .

Both of us also picked up some music DVDs that I’m sure I’ll mention later (most notably a couple New Order concerts) and Mike finally succumbed to the GTA double pack for XBOX. I can’t blame him, I’ll most likely be picking it up for PS2 soon enough even though I’ve beaten them both simply because I’ve always been playing other people’s copies. As a side note, check out the free downloads Rockstar is currently offering.

Yesterday moved just as slowly, but eventually Lisa and I headed over to her apartment to rearrange furniture so that she could actually use the nice rolltop desk she recently purchased. I think it’s looking pretty good and she’ll be happier with it once everything is in place. Before the Super Bowl we swung by one friend’s apartment to say hi. Joe’s got a nice pad and he even bought a nice new wrap around couch to get it ready before his party. The snacking spread was very nice and he even had a bottle of Flying Fish Porter for me – a very pleasant surprise. Since he works for Universal Joe also has a tradition of letting his guests choose parting gifts from his bin of promos. There was no question for my selection once Lisa pointed out the copy of a Tom Jones collection. She picked out a double CD of Donna Summers for herself.

As far as the game itself goes, I have to say that Super Bowl XXXVIII turned out to be pretty awesome. I mean, the commercials sucked, but once the Panthers and Patriots stopped playing it safe and the injuries starting piling up 🙂 it became a pretty exciting game. Of course the most disappointing thought was that for the second year in a row the Eagles lost the conference championship game at home only to see their opponents go into very winnable situations. They could have won back-to-back Super Bowls by this point rather than not having gotten to one. Argh, I better end this post before I get angry.

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  1. I dunno, I thought there were some good commercials this year… I loved the AOL “high speed” internet ones, with the guys from American Chopper (I like the show, so maybe I’m biased.)

    Actually, come to think of it, those are the only ones I remember right now. Maybe you’re right. I remember liking others but not aeeing the new Terry Tate skit was a bummer. Then again, maybe I was in the kitchen for that one, who knows.

  2. I thought the first one of those was kinda funny, but as I said after the game “not Super Bowl funny.” After previous Super Bowls I would end up downloading some of the commercials the next day because they were so great, none hit me that hard this year.

    As far as Terry Tate goes, you gotta go to the official Terry Tate, Office Linebacker Reebok webpage. Turns out that the commercial not only premiered there but was exclusively online. I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, but just looking at the woman involved and I’m not surprised they decided not to air it.

  3. Yeah, I went to the site and watched it that night. It’s ok, but I think some of his other skits were better.

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