Stupid farging worm

I have not seen hide nor hair of that blasted Novarg worm in my personal e-mail. At work, however, is another story. For the time being, we are stuck using EarthLink for our e-mail and website provider. That will be changing sometime soon. On top of all of their usual outages and slow server response times they force you to have a “default” e-mail account. Basically this means that every possible e-mail account name that doesn’t exist winds up in the admin account. I won’t even go into everything that this breaks and how it seems to encourage misspellings, I’ll simply point out that I had over 450 e-mails this morning in that account – and none of them were actually to the admin. Gee, I wonder why they’re having so many problems with their servers these days.

In the meantime, I’ve really got to get some filtering on my Postfix setup. I’m really getting sick of all the pr0n e-mails these days, not to mention all of the “legitimate looking” spams. Maybe I’ll actually get to read about SpamAssassin some time today.