Off she goes

I drove Lisa to the train station this morning. She heads out for about two weeks of fun and sun in Florida and the Bahamas. Our initial plans were to take the PATH train in, but as usual we ran late and I just decided to drive to Penn Station in Manhattan. On weekends that drive can be pretty easy, and we really had no problem getting there with plenty of time to spare. The only real problem was my total lack of concentration driving back. I managed to drive right through a red light in the middle of the block in front of that big Post Office behind Madison Square Garden. Whoops! Fortunately no police officers saw my mental lapse there and I quickly hurried back to the safety of this side of the river. Now I have two weeks of eating meat and playing video games to look forward to 🙂 .

Happy Anniversary to Me

I guess today would be the real anniversary of this site. I first registered this domain back in 1999, and after years of having nothing but a stupid holding page I finally tried out b2 at the end of 2002. The first install was never really used and come January of 2003 I reloaded with the latest version and dubbed the blog “indieb0i’s rants”. But in truth, it wasn’t until almost a month and a half later that I put together my first real post.

While I’ve been somewhat erratic, February 26th marks the start of my first real “conrtibution” to the ol’ triple W. I wish I had something more interesting to say about this, but perhaps my post tomorrow regarding the Internet, job security, and privacy will delve a bit deeper. For now I’ll just sing three cheers for myself for having kept this up for a year.

The Feeley-Good Story of the Year

Okay, I actually stole that title from an article about the Eagles two years back when they went 5-1 after McNabb went down with an injury. The biggest news item for Philly until the free agent period starts for real next month is that a deal has been made to send 3rd-string QB AJ Feeley to the Dolphins. I’m happy for the club, because they’ll get a 2nd round draft pick out of it, but I’m also happy for Feeley, because he has the potential to be a really good starting QB but would be stuck as a career backup in Philly. It’s a smart move for both sides and (considering recent injuries) just makes me anxious to see who Reid will pick up as the new number 3. Since Tim Hasselbeck looks to be staying in DC, I guess they’ll just look late in the draft.
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Ralph Don’t Run

As a quick follow-up to my Nader-rant, check out Ralph Don’t Run. It’s an organization that’s trying to prevent Nader from screwing up another election by either getting him to not run or making sure that no one is fooled this time around. Watching the flash intro definitely pissed me off as it is painfully obvious how much Nader helped to screw over the American public. If he honestly wanted to help this country out, he’d go back to being an activist. Unforuntately he’s a selfish, egocentric ass who just wants to make sure everybody remembers his name.

I would never support Nader – not even as an alternative to Bush. But if that jackass of a president can actually get his latest homophobic, hate-mongering crusade to go through… well, let’s just say that I’ve started talks with Canada.

Ralph Nader is a big fat poopie head

I think my headline basically sums up the latest campaign news. The man is such a self-serving ass that it’s hard to believe he was once a champion for consumer rights. Now he just wants his name to be on all of the ballots so that he can try to weasel another 4 years of Bush out of us. What kind of a moron is he? There is no way that Nader can actually believe that he is helping our political system or the people of this country in anyway. I think these various quotes about his entry clearly shows that only Republicans support Nader.

I just hope that he is truly humiliated in this election and both Kerry (or Edwards) and Bush really poke fun at him the whole time. Then again, Bush’ll support him seeing as how he teamed up with Jeb to give him the last election 😛 .

I’ve always dreamed of playing for…

A week absence and the first thing I end up posting about is that stupid A-Rod trade. I mean, who really gives a crap? The only reason it’s even bugging me is because the friggin’ players’ union nixed the deal for him to go to Boston. Yeah, he wouldn’t have made as much money, but who cares? Why do baseball players’ even have a union? It’s not like these guys are fighting for basic rights. They’re fighting to get $20mil instead of $18mil. And then they wonder why people are losing interest in the game.

I could bitch more about this topic, but it’s not worth my time. MLB almost had us fooled this past postseason with thoughts of history-making series and curses being lifted. But it all fell apart and no one cared much even when the Yankees went on to lose – except for spoiled New York fans who are dealing with a 3 year “drought” without a championship. In the end I rushed back to football which, every week, provided me with more excitement than the entirety of the baseball season. Even after my Birds were eliminated, I dejectedly watched one of the most exciting championship games in any sport. But don’t talk to baseball players (or hockey for that matter) about salary caps and how it’s helped to make football the number one sport in America. They’d rather count their millions and ignore their fans all the way to lockouts, strikes, and the ultimate demise of the league. All I can really hope is that the void left will allow indoor lacrosse to finally make a run for some real showtime (as an aside, NHL owners have already been buying into NLL teams just in case).

Wade hits the big time

Hey guys, I’ll actually be hitting the OpenMic tonight. Adam Wade is the featured musician and I haven’t seen his hilarious performances in a while. If you haven’t seen him yet, Wade rocks, and tonight he will be performing his opus “Penguin”. Seriously, that’s what he says on his blog. Come and check it out, I don’t think he goes on until after 9:30, but there’s drinking and music all night.

Mawidge is what bwings us togewer today

I think we need a new term for marriage. Too often we seem bent on changing definitions to match with the times, when perhaps a more appropriate term like “familial union” or whatnot could be used. You see, people get more uptight about progression when you try to distort a term that meant something sacred and honorable to them to mean something different. I’m not saying that a same-sex marriage is sacrilegious or anything, but using that term is going to make it harder for more conservative people to accept.

This came up because I was reading about the basic beliefs of the Democratic candidates and got to the page on gay rights. Even some of the Democrats oppose gay marriages although they support rights for couples similar to heterosexual marriages. Finally I decided I should see what the dictionary has to say about marriage. Sure enough, most definitions reference either a man and woman or a husband and wife joined by ceremony. Seems to me that rather than trying to change the meaning of a word so important to some people, things might move along more smoothly if we just used terms like “same-sex union”.
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