Moving right along

Once again, I missed the anniversary of this blog. Not that my silly first post was much of an introduction to the blogosphere. But now that I have entered year three, it’s time to let go of some drafts that I’m just not going to get around to. Before I delete them, here are the topics that never were:

  • I used to love driving – There’s enough interesting material started here, that I’ll probably save the draft and start reconstructing it. The premise for this entry was all of the morons I am forced to share the road with have ruined my love for driving. A topic that could be revisited after almost any of my daily commutes.
  • “For who? For what?” – Using the famous Rickey Watters quote (from when he was with the Eagles), I wanted to discuss our reactions to the tragedies of others. When you comfort somebody over a loss, are your words really there to comfort them, or you?
  • Privacy in the age of blogging – This one I’ll definitely be keeping. I plan on turning it into an article of sorts, as it no longer fits as just a post. The subject matter was inspired by the blog readme I’ve seen various sites link to.
  • Are you a noun or verb?Kurt spoke about his photography and whether it made him a photographer or not. You might as well look at what he said, as I doubt I could elaborate much more.
  • “I’m very tired” – I started writing this post after speaking with Sara Jane at her father’s wake. It was difficult and painful to work through, and eventually I gave up. Although the subject matter of death and its effects are always relevant, it’s time to abandon this entry.
  • The choices we make – I think I might finish this story about helping a stranded motorist off later today and finally post it. A couple months overdue, the point was not to praise myself for my own actions, but to encourage others to make similar decisions.

Not too shabby. This has helped me clean out the admin side of things, and will perhaps speed up my work on other areas of the site.

Alien Loves Predator

I keep forgetting to point out this gem that Kris sent me: Alien Loves Predator. What happens when a brutal, human-hunting, heavily-armed alien meets up with a brutal, human-hunting, heavily-armored alien? They decide to hang out in NYC, of course. I’ve only started reading it, but the first two strips alone are some of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

And they say Hockey is hard to follow

Ever wonder why most people don’t get cricket? Check out the lead to this article on a match between Australia and the West Indies:

Fast bowler Brett Lee took four wickets for 38 runs as the West Indies collapsed to 196 all out in reply to the hosts’ 269 for eight from 50 overs.

I cannot even fathom what any of that might mean. Not to knock a sport I really don’t know, but someone lost by 73 runs? How is that even possible?

Super Bowl, Baby!

Yes, my life can finally return to normal. My beloved Birds are heading to the Super Bowl! The Championship Game was a good one, but certainly didn’t feel like the domination it was for most of it. I told Lisa at one point, “I don’t want a good game, I just want the win.” I’ve seen enough good football games in my life, now I just want to see the Eagles play in the Super Bowl. And I will finally get that come February 6th.
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Hoboken Rocks

I forgot to mention earlier, but Hoboken Rocks (kind of an off-shoot of ArtKore) is running a show tomorrow night at Maxwell’s in Hoboken. Sure, it’s eight whole dollars, but I can assure you that five of the bands are awesome, and I’ve heard good things about the others. Lisa and I plan on being there for any who wish to join in the fun.

HOBOKEN ROCKS Maiden Voyage @ Maxwell’s
1039 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ 201-653-1703

Marc Giannotti 8:00
Crewman Number Six 8:30
Butterspy 9:00
Motel Creeps 10:00
Karyn Kuhl 10:30
High Speed Chase 11:00
eugene 12:00

Doors 7:30 – $8.00

Fourth time’s a charm

I forgot to mention the game today. I’ve been running on football overload the past two weeks thanks to the playoffs. But yesterday was exactly what I needed – a real game featuring the Eagles. Since they clinched home field advantage sometime in the preseason and have been resting starters October, I’ve been desperate for a game. And as much as I was certain all of their R&R would not render them rusty, you can’t help but be slightly affected by all of the negative media around you.

Fortunately, the Eagles shut up all of the doubters, and thoroughly dominated the Vikings in a game that was not nearly as close as the 27-14 final may indicate. And to make it even better, I discovered that my new DVR allows me to view HD channels. Which means I got to watch the game in the most glorious and pristine widescreen format that you can imagine. I wanted to cry… well, not really, but you get the idea.
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My life on pause

How did we ever get around without DVR? I mean you had your Must See TV and the Sunday night line-up and who knows what might premiere on a Tuesday. There was barely enough time to eat, let alone get in all of that idiot box gawking.

Seriously, I’m not as bad as I used to be with TV watching. There are only a few shows that I watch regularly, and I know that if I miss them I can just download them on eMule later. But Lisa and I have an ever-growing affection for shows of the TLC variety. “In a Fix” tops our list, but we’re also big on “What Not to Wear” and “Clean Sweep”, with Lisa jumping to the Home Garden channel for the latest in “10 Years Younger” and “Designer Finals” when I turn my head. This bizarre fixation requires an entry all its own, for now let’s just concentrate on the subject at hand.
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Something for Nothing

I’m sure by now you all know about the whole Free iPods thing. No, it is not a scam. But you do take the risk of not getting anything but some spam out of the whole deal. I decided to take a look at some of the offers around to see if anything looked worthwhile (no really interested in an iPod). Well, I would like an XBox, but Lisa would probably be really pissed if I bought one. So I found Smart Conga Line (a site that tries to pool people referrals together to make it as efficient as possible) and signed up at Prize Cube because it only required 3 referrals. I signed up for a Real Rhapsody account, which I will cancel within 14 days.

I’m not gonna beg here or anything. If you guys are interested, you can give me a referral directly or sign up at the conga line to help out a stranger (and possibly me). Don’t worry, I won’t be offended if no one does it. But I figured I’d give it a try.