My life on pause

How did we ever get around without DVR? I mean you had your Must See TV and the Sunday night line-up and who knows what might premiere on a Tuesday. There was barely enough time to eat, let alone get in all of that idiot box gawking.

Seriously, I’m not as bad as I used to be with TV watching. There are only a few shows that I watch regularly, and I know that if I miss them I can just download them on eMule later. But Lisa and I have an ever-growing affection for shows of the TLC variety. “In a Fix” tops our list, but we’re also big on “What Not to Wear” and “Clean Sweep”, with Lisa jumping to the Home Garden channel for the latest in “10 Years Younger” and “Designer Finals” when I turn my head. This bizarre fixation requires an entry all its own, for now let’s just concentrate on the subject at hand.

I’m too lazy to actually setup the VCR for proper recording, and have given up the ridiculous need to schedule my life around any TV viewing (outside of football). So our viewing habits have taken on the form of catching late night reruns and the weekend-long marathons some of these networks put together. Not exactly ideal as laziness is quick to set in and suddenly the TV is running our lives again. But now Comcast offers us DVR.

Sure, there was always Tivo and other alternatives. But once again that requires effort, extra equipment, another subscription, and… oh yeah, effort. By using my existing Cable account, all I had to do was call them up and say, “Charge me more money, please!” Suddenly a guy appears at my door and hands me a box that is guaranteed to change my life, for only an additional $9.95 a month. Wow, will modern technology ever cease to amaze me?

Within an hour, I had already set the unit to tape all the new episodes of “In a Fix” (please visit this page if you question my viewing habits) and am off and running. There is such an awesome feeling when I can simply hit the remind button to go back to a missed line in any show we happen to be watching. Or just the other night I came into the front room and rewound all the way to the end of the previous show so that I could see the reveal of this rich family’s incredible new kitchen. Who wouldn’t want that power? No more of calling into the bathroom, “Honey, you’re missing that commercial you love!” or asking, “Did he really just say ‘panties’ on primetime?” Think of all the possibilities!

Television, my old foe! I know proclaim thee vanquished!

3 thoughts on “My life on pause”

  1. Hey… I’d just like to ask… did you get your site name from that old 90’s game called “The Neverhood Chronicles”? If you did, do you know where to get it? I’ve been searching all over for that game now, but apparently it has ceased production.

    If not, just let me know. Please!

    Thanks! 😀

  2. Yup, you nailed it right on the head. I’ll write the whole story up someday, but the gist is I really enjoyed the game, and the name stuck with me when I was registering a domain for the first time.

    As for getting the game, I’m fortunate enough to actually have a copy on CD, but I’ve heard that it won’t work on XP. Not too long ago I was searching for screen caps to possibly redo my site. I came acros the Underdogs page for The Neverhood. I was able to download the game and a patch to let you run it on XP. Haven’t tried it yet, but that’s your best bet as the CD is near impossible to find these days (outside of paying a lot on eBay).

    You can still find information about the game at the “official site” The NeverhoOd.

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