Moving right along

Once again, I missed the anniversary of this blog. Not that my silly first post was much of an introduction to the blogosphere. But now that I have entered year three, it’s time to let go of some drafts that I’m just not going to get around to. Before I delete them, here are the topics that never were:

  • I used to love driving – There’s enough interesting material started here, that I’ll probably save the draft and start reconstructing it. The premise for this entry was all of the morons I am forced to share the road with have ruined my love for driving. A topic that could be revisited after almost any of my daily commutes.
  • “For who? For what?” – Using the famous Rickey Watters quote (from when he was with the Eagles), I wanted to discuss our reactions to the tragedies of others. When you comfort somebody over a loss, are your words really there to comfort them, or you?
  • Privacy in the age of blogging – This one I’ll definitely be keeping. I plan on turning it into an article of sorts, as it no longer fits as just a post. The subject matter was inspired by the blog readme I’ve seen various sites link to.
  • Are you a noun or verb?Kurt spoke about his photography and whether it made him a photographer or not. You might as well look at what he said, as I doubt I could elaborate much more.
  • “I’m very tired” – I started writing this post after speaking with Sara Jane at her father’s wake. It was difficult and painful to work through, and eventually I gave up. Although the subject matter of death and its effects are always relevant, it’s time to abandon this entry.
  • The choices we make – I think I might finish this story about helping a stranded motorist off later today and finally post it. A couple months overdue, the point was not to praise myself for my own actions, but to encourage others to make similar decisions.

Not too shabby. This has helped me clean out the admin side of things, and will perhaps speed up my work on other areas of the site.