And they say Hockey is hard to follow

Ever wonder why most people don’t get cricket? Check out the lead to this article on a match between Australia and the West Indies:

Fast bowler Brett Lee took four wickets for 38 runs as the West Indies collapsed to 196 all out in reply to the hosts’ 269 for eight from 50 overs.

I cannot even fathom what any of that might mean. Not to knock a sport I really don’t know, but someone lost by 73 runs? How is that even possible?

3 thoughts on “And they say Hockey is hard to follow”

  1. Let me help you out, indie ; ) seeing as we Aussies need to look after you guys…This game was a limited over match i.e. 50 overs maximum. We Aussies scored 269 runs with 8 batsmen “out” in our 50 overs. In reply, the West Indies lost all their batsmen for only 196 runs, meaning we won by 73 runs. The only thing hard to understand is why countries keep coming over here to play us when we keep flogging them! Cheers…

  2. Thanks Andy, it’ll probably take a lot more than that for me to really understand, but I kind of get the gist. I almost want to learn it, because it sounds so completely cool and compicated when you run off a line like that. Cheers right back atcha.

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