Where have all the camera shops gone

I just want a new lens. That’s all I’m asking for. I even picked it out all by myself – presenting the CanonEF 50mm f/1.8 II. AAAHHHH! And the crowd goes… mild. It’s nothing fantastic. But it’s cheap, supposedly fast, and great for lowlight and portrait type shots. Not that I plan on taking a lot of portrait shots, but I’m hoping that for less than a hundred bucks I’ll wind up with a lens that allows for some more casual (flashless) picture taking.

Anywho, my point was that I can’t find a single darn camera shop in New Jersey. Ok, I found one. But it was smaller than my office. And they don’t like Canon there. When I was in North Carolina, I stumbled upon this great camera store filled with lenses for me to blow money on. But I thought to myself, “Nah, I can get these anywhere.” Haha, silly me. Nobody takes pictures in New Jersey!

Well, Lisa’s going to look for a couple stores she used to go to back on Staten Island. Hopefully she’ll come back with a little package for me today.

Must resist urge

I cannot afford an upgrade. Forget about affording it, I haven’t even had my current camera for a year. Seriously, I can’t even think about what this offers for at least 6 months.

Even if it does have a USB 2.0 connection.

And a 3fps burst mode with a 14 frame buffer.

Nope, can’t look at it… where’s a drool icon when I need it…

My mighty fist o’ censorship

If I have something real to say on this site – more than the typical how my weekend went sort of thing – I’m more than willing to have complete strangers drop by and offer an opinion. Hell, even if all I’m doing is talking about my mundane existence, I really don’t care if some unknown person wants to offer a suggestion or two. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here on the Internet.

When you play around on a site as small as mine you come to cherish those random passerbys who comment. There’s a feeling of “Wow, somebody noticed me out of millions.” I know most of it is completely random, you just happened to hit the right search terms or click on the wrong link, but it’s still a little ego boost.

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