American Idol – Top Twelve

Is it a cardinal sin to use the same title for two different posts? Oh well… I guess I’ll change it to Top Twelve instead of Final Twelve. Maybe I’ll work some consistency in around here… doubtful. Of course I didn’t last long with the whole “I’m not watching” mantra and ended up catching most of last night’s performance. What can I say, I’m a sucker. For those uninterested – DON’T CLICK NOW!

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Server my server

Just a quick offer for friends of mine thinking about starting a website or looking for something to do with their domains. Currently this site runs as part of a shared reseller package with my host. I’ve got a section of their server, and I divvy it up amongst my domains and and some others. But it’s still not completely utilized.

I’ve already mentioned to a couple of you that if you want some room, I can set you up with some server space for your site for a nominal fee. This is really meant to be a friendly offer, I’m not interested in trying to start a business here. It just seems like the easiest way to offset some of my own costs and improve services for myself and anyone interested.

So if you are interested, let me know and we’ll talk about it.

Work redux

The reason I’m up so late was a near breakdown at work this evening. Obviously I’m not going to cover any real details here (both for my sake and the company’s), but a worse case scenario nearly was nearly realized. Fortunately Dell Tech Support really came through for me, and a complete rebuild was not necessary. Leading up to the solution, however, was sheer panic for me. I slowly saw my entire weekend being flushed down the crapper. In the end, however, everything worked out and I learned something new – including some better monitoring techniques.

And in case there was any doubt how amazing Lisa is, she came by with dinner for me and helped ease the tension. Now it’s finally time for bed.

Abe Vigoda – Still Alive

Sometimes you find an idea so simple, it’s brilliant. And then you laugh so hard chocolate milk comes out your nose. Looking for some useful Firefox extensions, I came across a real gem. Now in the lower right corner of my browser, I can instantly determine the current status of Abe Vigoda as reported by, you guessed it, I found some background info on the Wikipedia entry, and you can find even more celebrity death mix-ups on the Dead People Server.

I can see clearly now

!@(images/newglasses.jpg popimg: “Check out the awesome case”)…the blur is gone. No, seriously, the new glasses were ready last night. Of course the hellish ice storm that locked down half of the highways around here prevented me from picking them up. I did, however, pick up one juicy steak with a couple co-workers. So the sheer danger of the evening did not ruin all. Wait, I was talking about my glasses, wasn’t I?

!@(images/armanib0i.jpg:R100 popimg: “The consumer whore look is in”)They’re Armani. I probably mentioned that before, but it deserves mentioning again. I am such a consumer whore. But they’re so cool looking. The legs are cylindrical. And comfortable. They’re so freakin’ light it’s amazing. I swear my old pair must have weighed a pound.

!@(images/glasseshistory.jpg:L100 popimg: “The march to tiny specs”)I found another old pair of mine, and it’s humorous to see the change in styles. You have to realize that the first pair is probably from around ’94 or so. They seem HUGE now. And oddly, both of my old pairs had the tip of the left leg broken off. Weird. I’ll keep the last ones as a spare, but the others will be donated.

American Idol – The Final Twelve


I hope everybody got the right music there in their heads, I really wasn’t sure how to write that. Anywho, before tonight’s cuts on American Idol (at least before we watch them) I wanted to make a few comments about this week’s performances. So those who don’t care, move along. Nothing to see here. For the rest of you…

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The New Me

!@(images/thenewme1.jpg:R popimg: “I am so GQ”)Not so much the new me, but rather the new look for me. It’s not even really a new look, as much as it’s a cleaned up, slightly repackaged look. It all started with going crazy at some Macy’s sales – now my closet is brimming with dozens of nice shirts. Rather than just buying everything willy-nilly, I really focused on how I wanted to look. And I really like my wardrobe now. To top it off, I got a haricut on Saturday, and then finally headed to the eye doctor for my first checkup in… three years. Yeah, I know. Brian Regan would be so proud. This week I’m trying out new contact lenses, and hopefully on Wednesday my snazzy new specs will be in. ARMANI! Hey, I’ve been wearing the same pair for around 6 or years now, it’s time I spent some money on my eye.

!@(images/thenewgetup.jpg:L popimg: “Sportin’ the 50mm”)Of course, that wasn’t my only spending on optics. Lisa was able to locate the lens I wanted, and much to my delight it was waiting for me when I returned from some drunken revilry with Joseph. Ok, maybe not drunken, but we did enjoy some quality time at one of our usual haunts. Anywho, time and sobriety mattered not once I saw the opportunity to start playing around. It will take some getting used to, but this lens should really open up some much more casual shootings options for me.

Lisa and I experimented with taking various “candid” shots of each other. Suddenly this is becoming such an ego blog.

!@(images/me50mm.jpg:N popimg: “What can I say? This is one cool photo”) !@(images/lisa50mm.jpg:N popimg: “Tough choice picking out just one of her”) !@(images/cutiepie.jpg:N popimg: “The closest thing to a decent couple shot I could manage”)

And since I don’t want Jessie to become jealous of all of Teddy’s “face time,” here’s one of his test shots:
!@(images/jessieluv.jpg:N450 popimg: “Giving Jessie sum luv”)

Katie Melua

Has anybody else heard this chick? I’ve seen commercials for Katie Melua a couple times late at night and her sound intrigued me. Very Norah Jones-ish, but a bit more dynamic. Typically I would forget her name by morning and never pursue the issue. One night I finally did remember to check out her website, I still had difficulty finding her music. Tonight I was lucky enough to stumble upon a concert of hers on TV (once again, late at night on WLIW – a public station). Aside from being incredibly cute, she is a very talented singer and performer. Most noteably, she did one majorly cool version of The Cure’s “Love Cats” – very jazzy and boppy. Maybe tomorrow I can poke around Best Buy to see if they have a copy.

Twisted cartoons

Gotta share some great links. First there’s the bizarro Perry Bible Fellowship courtesy of Mark (no, the other one). Man, that’s just wicked brilliance there – I love the random surrealism and dark humor wrapped in a pretty package.

Then we’ve got Bunny Suicides (thanks to Broad at Bat). Yes, you read that right. And yes, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Although it’s also far more creative than I could probably ever come up with.