Superman is such a dick

Apparently Apropos Comics aren’t the only ones to portray Superman as a jerk. From the bowels of some bizarre message board comes Possibly more ridiculous than Jess’s captions, these ones are actually real (well, they’re comics so they’re not really real, but you get my point). Nothing can truly prepare you for the insanity and surrealism that is to follow.

(thanks to AoS)

Please be my friend

Until today, my Netflix account boldly proclaimed that I have no friends. This made me sad. Such an overwhelming melancholy sank in that I felt the need to rent even more movies. Movies to watch by myself in my sad friendless world. But that’s all changed today. Now my Netflix account boldly proclaims that Bhavna is my friend. Even better, it asks, “Want another Friend?” which suggests that they can help my social life more than any video store should be able to!

For the better part of the last few years, Netflix has simply worked for me. I barely pay any attention to the account itself. They send me movies, I send them back. They send me movies, and I send them back. And this continues somewhat bizarrely until I remember that’s what I pay them for.

Anywho, in the past few months Netflix has re-vamped their site with a cleaner interface, better navigation, and more options. Suddenly I’m taking notice, and occasionally even watching some of the movies they keep sending me. Today I added my first friend (ok, she’s not my first friend, but the first one I’ve added) onto the corresponding page that allows us to share recommendations, queues, etc. Seems interesting, although I haven’t been able to play around as Bhavna just signed up and hasn’t rated any movies yet. So if anyone out there is also a Netflix junkie, feel free to send me an invite or ask me to send you one.

Culture of torment

I don’t want to get all serious on you, and I certainly am not up for any serious debate, but it’s difficult to escape the Shiavo fiasco. Especially having been down in Florida last week where it appears to be the only story these days. Ignoring the blatant hypocrisy of the Republican efforts and the general controversy surrounding such life and death topics, I still have two major questions:

  • Where is the husband in this story? – I know where he is literally – right by the side of his dying wife. But you wouldn’t know that from most of the papers. Scroll through the headlines and you’ll notice 3 main entities that are consistenly mentioned: Terri’s life, her parents, and the Bushes. I have yet to see a single headline, let it be from the Left, Right, or Center, mention that Michael Schiavo grieves as his wife’s pain is finally coming to an end. That really bothers me. Am I the only person who feels that he should be a bigger part of this discussion?
  • Who would you want deciding your fate? – Not to get overly morbid, but I really wonder how many people feel that their parents would know them better than their spouse. I love my parents dearly, and trust them above anyone else, but in matters such as these I can’t help but feel that Lisa would know my wishes better (especially since we’ve discussed them, albeit briefly). Are there people out there who truly believe their parents could look at them as anything but their child and make an informed life or death decision? Do you honestly think that decision would be more aligned to your own thinking than your spouse’s? And if so, why did you marry that person?

I have no interest to dive into this topic, but those thoughts have been rattling around in my head. And they are certainly less political than my total lack of comprehension as to why people feel the government should be allowed to make life and death decisions for us. I can only hope that Terri’s deteriorating condition leads to a swift end of her suffering and the country escapes without our personal freedoms further trampled on.

The metal beast

I have so many things I feel like writing. And not just about AI. There’s other TV shows I’m watching. There’s new CDs I’ve purchased. There’s my Netflix queue. Heck, I even went to the gym today for the first time in years. And I still haven’t talked about my trip (for real). But right now Arnold Schwarzenegger is fighting some weird ass metal creature in the water on Red Sonja – in HI-DEF! How am I supposed to concentrate on anything else?

Lisa and I are heading into Hoboken for a nice dinner tonight, so I really should be getting ready. But Brigitte and and Arnold are flirting with swords… how am I supposed to turn away?!?!

More de-compressing

No way am I getting around to sorting all of the pictures tonight or writing about the trip. Work wasn’t so bad, but the weather and the commute were terrible. Sliding home in my Saturn doesn’t exactly give me a chance to relax. Thankfully there’s more than enough beer around to help me chill out. That, and plenty of DVR. We got two nights of American Idol (thanks to their screw-up last night) and last night’s House to watch. Which reminds me, I need to write about House at some point -very cool show that Lisa and I look forward to each week.

As for AI, Bo still rocks and Mikalah still sucks. And Randy, thanks for proving my point about your stupid “pitchy” comments. While you nailed Mikalah on it, you really blew it by calling Scott’s vocals anything but off. And I now fear that someone like Jessica or Anthony will be cut before either of those two.

My ears have almost popped

Yes, I am back from Florida. Yes, it was a very nice vacation. Yes, the weather was beautiful. Yes, it sucks to be back in the cold. I love the Northeast, and you’d be hard pressed to get me out of here, but I was hoping that things would have cleared up by the time we got back. Instead, we get snow.

I’ll do a more indepth post tonight. For now, let it be known that I found an amazing camera shop, and look forward to going there at least once a year when we visit Lisa’s parents. The guy had little trouble talking me into a killer lens, and hopefully I’ll put up some shots to show it was money well spent. For now I’m still de-compressing at work.

Signing out

Lisa and I are off to Florida for a few days. Some fun in the sun and good ol’ fashion R ‘n’ R. I don’t know what the Internet situation is down there (quick, someone throw out a “do they have electricity in the South” joke), so there’s a good chance no updates until next week. At that time I will make vague promises of posting pictures that I never get around to. As long as it’s understood, it’ll be easier.

I’m such a junkie, it really does bother me being away from my connection so long. Maybe not having the option will help me to relax…