Where have all the camera shops gone

I just want a new lens. That’s all I’m asking for. I even picked it out all by myself – presenting the CanonEF 50mm f/1.8 II. AAAHHHH! And the crowd goes… mild. It’s nothing fantastic. But it’s cheap, supposedly fast, and great for lowlight and portrait type shots. Not that I plan on taking a lot of portrait shots, but I’m hoping that for less than a hundred bucks I’ll wind up with a lens that allows for some more casual (flashless) picture taking.

Anywho, my point was that I can’t find a single darn camera shop in New Jersey. Ok, I found one. But it was smaller than my office. And they don’t like Canon there. When I was in North Carolina, I stumbled upon this great camera store filled with lenses for me to blow money on. But I thought to myself, “Nah, I can get these anywhere.” Haha, silly me. Nobody takes pictures in New Jersey!

Well, Lisa’s going to look for a couple stores she used to go to back on Staten Island. Hopefully she’ll come back with a little package for me today.

7 thoughts on “Where have all the camera shops gone”

  1. Yeah, I’ve thought about that and B&H, but it can be a pain to get into the city (for us suburban workers, that is). Of course if 47th Street isn’t run by Hasids, then it might actually be open on Saturdays when I could make it.

    But there’s also the fear that in a bigger shop I’ll end up walking out with this or even worse. 🙂

  2. My main issue with ordering is that I was hoping to actually give the lens a try in the store. I miss the days of actually holding something before you bought it. But if all else fails, that’s what I’ll end up doing.

  3. I seem to recall several camera shops in my local area – one on Park Ave. in East Rutherford. One on Boulevard in Woodridge. They are about halfway between Montclair and Hoboken on Route 3. I’m sorry I don’t more info than that.

    Atlanta has lots of decent camera shops. But those aren’t too helpful too you :-P.

  4. I’ll have to look for those other ones, but it seems like most have closed. Fortunately Lisa managed to get the lens for me in Staten Island. The results to follow…

  5. They are a dying commodity – like record shops. Because most people will use el cheapo integrated digicam in their cel phones or asses – REAL camera’s will become a specialist tool.

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