Enter year six

As has become my annual tradition, I begin with my own quote:

Crap. I was sure I would get my “blogiversary” right this year. It’s at the end of February – the 26th, to be exact. Not that difficult to remember. Of course, I kept forgetting what date I am currently living in, which is why I just noticed that today is the 27th. Yeehaw.

Actually, this year I remembered late last night. But I had already posted and was getting tired. So tradition won out over accuracy. And today I celebrate my blogiversary 918th post. I’m surprised to see that during a year in which I posted very haltingly at times, I still managed to get in about 140 entries. This year will be the ultimate challenge. As I try to get my other sites going, will it negatively impact my writing over here? And when the little rugrat comes along, will that stop everything altogether? And would anyone notice?

Such exciting conundrums, I’m sure they’ll keep you on the edge of your seats…

NaBloPoMo: A review of my failure

First, a shout out to Sara from Moving Right Along for providing the perfect badge for my “accomplishment” this past month:

Kittens always rock the blogs...

As for NaBloPoMo, what can I say? I really did blow it. But I made it almost halfway through the month, and in the ended racked up 23 posts. That’s the most I’ve written in… probably at least a couple years. No, I won’t be winning any prizes, but I didn’t even realize there were prizes until a week or so into this thing. Since my goal was simply to get myself to start writing more regularly, I can claim success on that front.

Actually, I’ve even started to feel a little more focus this past week – less total randomness in how and when I post. Alright, there is a certain amount of randomness, but it’s the fun kind – not so much of the “I have no idea what I’m doing anymore” kind. You could almost say that I’m starting to feel some real inspiration these days…

What have we learned?

So far, we have learned that I cannot keep to a schedule. I’ve proven this over most of my life but, come on, I couldn’t even link to some kittens or something? Missing the first night was silly. When I skipped this past Saturday, well, I was well on my way to a wine and cheese induced coma. That managed to wipe out Sunday, too. I’m still not even sure what happened on Monday – I think I went to work.

Alright, in reality this whole NaBloPoMo was really about encouraging me to write on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I lost site of the inspirational part and focused on the schedule part. In order for me to get back to writing more – and writing better – I’ve got to get in the habit of writing when I’m inspired. You should be able to figure out when that is pretty easily – compare the stilted, single paragraph posts to ones that meander for way more words than any subject needs. Hey, that’s my style and I’m sticking with it, thank you very much.

I’m most upset that I missed my Sunday Photo. I really need to think about that more before hand – maybe even go out specifically to shoot something. I need a muse…

High culture for sure

Just an FYI, this blog is rated:

No thanks on the advertising...

Apparently that’s because I’ve recently used crap twice and pissed once. I guess it’s appropriate then that I write at this level:

Get a life, guys...

I’m guessing for the same reason… So it looks like I should start pandering to my target audience more – 13 and 14 year olds who have to sneak behind their parents’ back to see Weekend at Bernie’s. Hmm, how could I do that?

(thanks to Decrepit Old Fool and Chris)


After browsing my archives a couple months ago, I had realized that 5 posts had become my unofficial minimum each month. Outside of my domain move back in December of 2005, I’ve always written at least that much since almost the beginning. Somehow I managed to hit my minimum in September, which gave me great hope for getting back into the swing of things again. Unfortunately, October kicked my ass and I only put together a meager 3 posts. Pathetic.

To help myself out, I’ve decided to join NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) – see, that’s me (real profile to follow). That means I’ve got to write a post EVERY FREAKING DAY! Awesome! So, that means these first couple will be from Santa Fe – but, I’m sitting in bed watching Scrubs – not exactly different from if I was home.

If anyone else wants to join, hop right in. I’m sure no one will mind if you miss the first day or not – I’ll just call you a cheater…