What have we learned?

So far, we have learned that I cannot keep to a schedule. I’ve proven this over most of my life but, come on, I couldn’t even link to some kittens or something? Missing the first night was silly. When I skipped this past Saturday, well, I was well on my way to a wine and cheese induced coma. That managed to wipe out Sunday, too. I’m still not even sure what happened on Monday – I think I went to work.

Alright, in reality this whole NaBloPoMo was really about encouraging me to write on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I lost site of the inspirational part and focused on the schedule part. In order for me to get back to writing more – and writing better – I’ve got to get in the habit of writing when I’m inspired. You should be able to figure out when that is pretty easily – compare the stilted, single paragraph posts to ones that meander for way more words than any subject needs. Hey, that’s my style and I’m sticking with it, thank you very much.

I’m most upset that I missed my Sunday Photo. I really need to think about that more before hand – maybe even go out specifically to shoot something. I need a muse…