After browsing my archives a couple months ago, I had realized that 5 posts had become my unofficial minimum each month. Outside of my domain move back in December of 2005, I’ve always written at least that much since almost the beginning. Somehow I managed to hit my minimum in September, which gave me great hope for getting back into the swing of things again. Unfortunately, October kicked my ass and I only put together a meager 3 posts. Pathetic.

To help myself out, I’ve decided to join NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) – see, that’s me (real profile to follow). That means I’ve got to write a post EVERY FREAKING DAY! Awesome! So, that means these first couple will be from Santa Fe – but, I’m sitting in bed watching Scrubs – not exactly different from if I was home.

If anyone else wants to join, hop right in. I’m sure no one will mind if you miss the first day or not – I’ll just call you a cheater…

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