Gay for Johnny Depp

Anyone who thinks that I often have way too obscure taste in music needs to check out Other Music. Their updates tend to make me look like some sort of Britney Spears/Limp Bizkit butt puppet. This week, for example, included an ad for a band that, at the very least, Jen could appreciate (well, me too) – Gay for Johnny Depp. This is some vicious hardcore that’s not meant for the workplace – the kind of stuff I intially scoff at only to find myself purchasing the CD two weeks later.

Allison’s starting to happen

I did, in fact, reward myself with a little bit o’ the Nag’s last night. And my, what an excellent decision that was. There were only a couple people I knew when I walked in, and they were stuck at the front of the bar, so I decided to wander down to the other end and chat with Heather for a bit. Unforunately, the special chair at the end was taken and I found myself just standing around waiting for her to finish up with a customer. But before she could, someone walked out of the bathroom and stood next to me searching through a bag. I looked over and cleared my throat to get her attention. Allison looked up and, finally realizing it was me, flashed a big smile and let out an “Oh my God!”

Allison worked Sundays at the Nag’s a few years back. She’s a really cool person, and a lousy bartender. That’s why we all had a blast hanging out there on such a slow day. The first time I ordered a screwdriver and she had to confer with Barney over the ingredients, I knew I would stick with beer from then on 🙂 . Since she stopped working there and moved out of Hoboken, I see her on rarer and rarer occasions. Generally we bump into each other rather randomly at the Bar, and after a whirlwind of drinks I wake up thinking “What the hell happened last night?” Yeah, she’s fun.

Last night she and her boyfriend were on their way out when I came in, but thanks to Barney they ended up sticking around a while longer. So we spent the night drinking beer (good to get back to some Guinness on tap), swapping stories (Allison’s life always seems so glamourous, with a fairly high profile job and numerous celebrity encounters), and playing darts (which we won – thanks to my solid play and Allison’s closing round of a single and double bulls). Now we’re going to try to get together again real soon, before Lisa and I move more than 2 blocks from the Nag’s.

Do the body good

Lisa and I have been saying we would start exercising and eating better any day now. Well, at the very least we’ve been eating better these days in the form of doing our own cooking (at least Lisa has been). So the last two nights we’ve been working on the exercise portion. For now it’s just a short jog and lots of stretching, but I feel good about it. Combined with some guitar-playing and some cleanup, I suddenly feel like I’ve accomplished something tonight. Funny what can happen when you ignore all the crap you feel you should be doing on your computer. Maybe I’ll head over to the Nag’s for a little bit – a little reward for a job well done.

Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Gmail account?

Everybody wants one – well, everybody except Max Thrane that is. That’s right, Max is bucking the trend and writing about why he hates Gmail. And honestly, I can’t blame him. I decided I would really like to get one for myself (to try out, and of course to preserve the uniqueness that is indieb0i) and for Lisa (because Hotmail sucks). Unfortunately Gmail is still in beta and the only “reliable” way to get an inite is through some form of swapping – and that’ just not worth it to me. So I actually opened a Blogger account to which I will crosspost in an attempt to get an offer from them (oh yeah, and possibly to steal the design 😉 ). Hey, I’d love to get an invite from someone (*hint* *hint*), but I’m not going to jump through hoops just because Google has completely screwed up their public beta by essentially making it some sort of exclusive geek club.

Update: I have achieved a new level of geekdom. Yes, that’s right, I now have indieb0i at gmail dot com as another e-mail address. I have set it as another destination for my Pobox accounts to forward to. And it’s all thanks to this guy. So far it looks cool (with what little e-mailing I’ve done in it’s first hour of life), and I’ll be sure to write a full review after a week or so of playing around.

Day Off

I’ve been somewhat quiet, but I have a lot to say these days. I just haven’t had the time to say it. I’m busy at work finalizing network designs and I’m busy at home looking for a new place for Lisa and I. We’ve got something or another to do pretty much everyday. I haven’t even had a chance to talk about spending time at the OpenMic with Sandy on Tuesday. Oh well, today we’re taking the day off and heading to Hershey Park. I left my co-workers with this message:

[P]lease try to schedule any computer crashes for next week so that my Friday isn’t too busy.

Funny thing happened on the way…

… to upgrading my company’s firewalls. Fedora Core 2 now runs the brand-spankin’ new Linux 2.6 family of kernels. That’s pretty cool, I’ve been waiting for that to be “mainstream ready”. Hey, that even includes builtin IPSEC for real VPNs. Alright! That means it no longer includes support for CIPE. Crap! That’s how my old VPN was working.

Now I’m desperately trying to upgrade the other facility’s firewall to Fedora Core 2 so that I can rebuild the VPN while waiting to install their new system. Down here it’s great, I can now actually monitor what’s going on far better than before, and keep an eye on the Internet usage. I have no plans to really limit my co-workers, but I do need to keep things running smoothly. And, as always, I can apply my new found knowledge to my own server. Of course who knows what will become of all this once Lisa and I move at the end of July.

Radio Daze

I found myself listening to the radio far more than usual yesterday. Lisa got me into the habit of putting on oldies or classic rock stations, but this time it was a bit different. I switched to WFMU, and began listening to the “Inner Ear Detour” – what ended up being the last regularly scheduled broadcast, also. What a great selection of classic punk from a time when it truly meant something. The host seemed to revel in the concept of playing anti-Reagan samples as a rather pointed way to leave. On top of that, their archive page allows me to stream the show at a later date, so I can write down the names of the songs I want to seek out. Now, this isn’t exaclty new to me, or anyone else, but I rarely get the opportunity to take advantage of such simple resources as this.
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Can life get any better?

I went to Target last night. Much to my surprise, I found two Philips DVP-642’s sitting on their shelves. Now I know what you’re probably thinking. Probably something along the lines of “Oh my God, you actually managed to get your hands on one of those amazingly sexy units! How the hell did that happen?!?!” Or, more likely, you’re saying to yourself, “WTF? Is that supposed to mean something to me?!?!” For those not in the know (and I’m not sure how I am), the DVP642 plays DivX and XviD files as well as DVDs. That’s right, my collection of over 600 bootlegged backed-up movies can actually be played on my TV without needing a computer!

Last night I tested it out, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I’ve had this thing on back order with Amazon for a few weeks now, and I can happily cancel it now. The second unit is for Joseph as I said I’d pick one up for him. My main reason for wanting one of these is TV. That’s right TV shows. I rarely watch shows when they are on, and instead am forced to download them and watch them on my computer later. Not that I mind, with my 20″ flat panel 😉 , but it sure would be nice not to be tied to the desk. Now I can download all the latest shows, as well as classics not yet available on DVD, burn them to a disc, and watch them in the comfort of my living room. Oh yes, life is good.

And for those interested, I also picked up copies of Lost in Translation and King of New York (which I’ve still never seen) for $10 each, as well as the first two seasons of Just Shoot Me. If they had had the first season of Monk there, I would have picked that up, too.