Do the body good

Lisa and I have been saying we would start exercising and eating better any day now. Well, at the very least we’ve been eating better these days in the form of doing our own cooking (at least Lisa has been). So the last two nights we’ve been working on the exercise portion. For now it’s just a short jog and lots of stretching, but I feel good about it. Combined with some guitar-playing and some cleanup, I suddenly feel like I’ve accomplished something tonight. Funny what can happen when you ignore all the crap you feel you should be doing on your computer. Maybe I’ll head over to the Nag’s for a little bit – a little reward for a job well done.

3 thoughts on “Do the body good”

  1. I’m definitely up for adding in more biking. Although it will probably have to wait another month or so when we move into a more Suburban environ. I love biking in city areas, but Lisa isn’t too keen on it.

  2. That’s because Lisa is smarter than you are!

    I’m loving my new bike, though I’ve really only hung around my yard so far. Fun hills.

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