Can life get any better?

I went to Target last night. Much to my surprise, I found two Philips DVP-642’s sitting on their shelves. Now I know what you’re probably thinking. Probably something along the lines of “Oh my God, you actually managed to get your hands on one of those amazingly sexy units! How the hell did that happen?!?!” Or, more likely, you’re saying to yourself, “WTF? Is that supposed to mean something to me?!?!” For those not in the know (and I’m not sure how I am), the DVP642 plays DivX and XviD files as well as DVDs. That’s right, my collection of over 600 bootlegged backed-up movies can actually be played on my TV without needing a computer!

Last night I tested it out, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I’ve had this thing on back order with Amazon for a few weeks now, and I can happily cancel it now. The second unit is for Joseph as I said I’d pick one up for him. My main reason for wanting one of these is TV. That’s right TV shows. I rarely watch shows when they are on, and instead am forced to download them and watch them on my computer later. Not that I mind, with my 20″ flat panel 😉 , but it sure would be nice not to be tied to the desk. Now I can download all the latest shows, as well as classics not yet available on DVD, burn them to a disc, and watch them in the comfort of my living room. Oh yes, life is good.

And for those interested, I also picked up copies of Lost in Translation and King of New York (which I’ve still never seen) for $10 each, as well as the first two seasons of Just Shoot Me. If they had had the first season of Monk there, I would have picked that up, too.