Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Gmail account?

Everybody wants one – well, everybody except Max Thrane that is. That’s right, Max is bucking the trend and writing about why he hates Gmail. And honestly, I can’t blame him. I decided I would really like to get one for myself (to try out, and of course to preserve the uniqueness that is indieb0i) and for Lisa (because Hotmail sucks). Unfortunately Gmail is still in beta and the only “reliable” way to get an inite is through some form of swapping – and that’ just not worth it to me. So I actually opened a Blogger account to which I will crosspost in an attempt to get an offer from them (oh yeah, and possibly to steal the design 😉 ). Hey, I’d love to get an invite from someone (*hint* *hint*), but I’m not going to jump through hoops just because Google has completely screwed up their public beta by essentially making it some sort of exclusive geek club.

Update: I have achieved a new level of geekdom. Yes, that’s right, I now have indieb0i at gmail dot com as another e-mail address. I have set it as another destination for my Pobox accounts to forward to. And it’s all thanks to this guy. So far it looks cool (with what little e-mailing I’ve done in it’s first hour of life), and I’ll be sure to write a full review after a week or so of playing around.

9 thoughts on “Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Gmail account?”

  1. Sandy – thanks for the advice, although I managed to score one from a stranger instead (probably better as I haven’t spoken to Joe in a couple years anyway).

    Mike – From what I’ve heard, it’s something like 3 invites every 36 hours or so. Once I get them, Lisa will get the first (I need to get her off Hotmail), and you are more than welcome to the second. After that, we’ll see who wants one, otherwise they’ll be up for grabs on this site 🙂 .

  2. (I need to get her off Hotmail)

    *raises hand*
    I’ve been trying to escape that particular black hole of spam myself – if there’s a gmail in it for me, hey, I’m all up for that. If not, I’ll ask around. :p

  3. This is gonna turn into six degrees of gmail.

    Mark gets gmail from me who gets it from thom who gets it from joe cook who gets it from Kevin Bacon 😛

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