Allison’s starting to happen

I did, in fact, reward myself with a little bit o’ the Nag’s last night. And my, what an excellent decision that was. There were only a couple people I knew when I walked in, and they were stuck at the front of the bar, so I decided to wander down to the other end and chat with Heather for a bit. Unforunately, the special chair at the end was taken and I found myself just standing around waiting for her to finish up with a customer. But before she could, someone walked out of the bathroom and stood next to me searching through a bag. I looked over and cleared my throat to get her attention. Allison looked up and, finally realizing it was me, flashed a big smile and let out an “Oh my God!”

Allison worked Sundays at the Nag’s a few years back. She’s a really cool person, and a lousy bartender. That’s why we all had a blast hanging out there on such a slow day. The first time I ordered a screwdriver and she had to confer with Barney over the ingredients, I knew I would stick with beer from then on 🙂 . Since she stopped working there and moved out of Hoboken, I see her on rarer and rarer occasions. Generally we bump into each other rather randomly at the Bar, and after a whirlwind of drinks I wake up thinking “What the hell happened last night?” Yeah, she’s fun.

Last night she and her boyfriend were on their way out when I came in, but thanks to Barney they ended up sticking around a while longer. So we spent the night drinking beer (good to get back to some Guinness on tap), swapping stories (Allison’s life always seems so glamourous, with a fairly high profile job and numerous celebrity encounters), and playing darts (which we won – thanks to my solid play and Allison’s closing round of a single and double bulls). Now we’re going to try to get together again real soon, before Lisa and I move more than 2 blocks from the Nag’s.